Atlanta Burning! Democrat Anti-ICE Thugs Call Officer “F***ing Pieces of Sh*t”


Atlanta is Ground Zero for riots, protests, absurd rulings, and lawsuits. There is a push on now to turn Georgia blue and they need aliens who will one day vote Democrat.

In late June, the Democrat [Socialist] mayor of Atlanta ordered jails to refuse new ICE detainees. It has encouraged the rioters who are demanding ICE be abolished.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
Democrats [Socialists] are telling the illegals how to mess with the system. They are not on America’s side.

The ICE detainees have the unmitigated gall to sue the private prison firm over “forced labor”. They are accusing them of violating anti-slavery laws. They didn’t think of this on their own after they sneaked into the country. The Democrats [Socialists] are helping them.


They have been protesting/rioting in Atlanta. The video below is of a “protest” on Independence Day. The ‘protesters’ are vulgar Communist thugs and they are Democrats. These people have been given carte blanche by the Democrat Party to treat officers abusively. The anti-police, anti-ICE movement is solely and unquestionably on the Democrats.

The Atlanta police issued a statement about the most recent ravings.

“After repeatedly ignoring officers’ requests to stay on the sidewalk during their protest, these individuals chose to become violent and scuffle with and obstruct officers attempting to make arrests,” an Atlanta Police Department spokesperson said in a statement.

“How the f–k do you live with yourself, you f–king piece of shit!” one female protester repeatedly shouted at the cops as they tried to urge her and her friends along.

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