Attacking Ferguson Police, Betraying the Country to the U.N. And The Obama Mafia


CNN alleges there is a movement to fire Officer Wilson and Chief Jackson, the two most controversial figures in the Ferguson debacle. If it’s true, the Obama administration and Holder’s Department of Justice are undoubtedly behind it. There is also a move to appeal to the U.N. to settle the case.

In the end, the only ones being held accountable are the police.

Appealing to the U.N. is an act of treason and one can be certain that the communists and Islamo-Fascists present at the Ferguson protests played no small part in this.

Michael Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden, and other family members have joined with “grassroots organizations” – code for communist and socialist organizations – to press the U.N. to intervene in “U.S. police violations of the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment”. This was revealed onWednesday.

You can be sure that the Obama administration is supportive of this as well.

Organizers announced that, in the “absence of justice from the local, state, and federal government,” they have submitted a brief to the United Nations, which has been made available to the public. The grassroots organizations HandsUpUnited, Organization for Black Struggle (U.N. affiliate), and Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment and they will travel to Geneva, Switzerland to formally present the document to the global body.

“The goal is not only to achieve justice in Ferguson, but to unite governments around the world against the human rights violations that result from racial profiling and police violence,” reads a statement on the website announcing the effort.

They are drawing moral equivalence between a thug being shot by an officer with abuse by nations who hang, rape and torture people simply because they are black or gay or women.

These people are traitors and this is treason. It’s being spurred by the extreme far-left.

Johnson, commie rabble

At the same time, the Obama administration and the radicals in Ferguson are attacking the Ferguson police. The only ones who are free from blame are the rioters and “peaceful protesters.”

There have been many leaks in the case of Officer Darren Wilson and all seem to lead to no charges by the Grand Jury in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The officer has been forced into hiding and the police chief Thomas Jackson has been under constant assault. CNN is now reporting that the Chief will step down and Officer Wilson will be “eased out.”

If it’s true that the chief and officer are being fired, they are undoubtedly sacrificial lambs to the Obama Mafia and their vigilante friends in Ferguson. Expect this to generate even more of these vigilante groups.

Whatever sympathy I had for the protesters is quickly dissipating.

Chief Jackson and the city’s mayor deny the chief is being forced out.

Also being reported is that the entire Ferguson police department will be taken over by the St. Louis County police chief as if they did something wrong.

The gangsters and communists in Ferguson have made the police the guilty party as they rampage through Ferguson, burning, looting and shooting.

If true, they are doing it as a fig leaf to the mobs who now run Ferguson.

Supposedly, the animosity in Ferguson has existed for some time. There is racism but who are the bigots?

The answer to the gang and communist-led violence in Ferguson is to go after the police force and further their Marxist cause – it’s as simple as that.

Chief Jackson said it’s not true and he is not being forced out. In any case, he’s made it clear he won’t step down amidst cries for his ouster.

Eric Holder hasn’t given up the ghost. He’s sent investigators to second guess every use of force, every stop, search, and arrest by Ferguson police as well as treatment of criminals or potential criminals in the city jail. They are also looking into the leadership. It’s a witch hunt in other words.

“It’s pretty clear that the need for wholesale change is appropriate,” Holder said without worrying about the rights of the Ferguson police department that he has put up for further attack by his lack of support.

He even apologized for any peaceful protesters who are “upset and angry.” He said he feels “responsible” and he’s “sorry.” No such apology was offered to the Ferguson police who have been shot at, who have had bottles and rocks thrown at them, and who have been repeatedly verbally abused.

Chief Jackson apologizes on an almost daily basis now. They have “much work to do” he said. He apologizes repeatedly to the Brown family.

None of the rioters have apologized. The “peaceful protesters” have threatened absolute mayhem if Officer Wilson is not charged.

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