Attempts to Bait Detained Iraqi Backfires on Michael Moore, Leftist Protesters


Update: 9:00 pm ET: The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the refugees. They sued President Trump and the US government. That didn’t take long.

Leftists, including Michael Moore, were hoping to make a cause célèbre out of Iraqis detained at JFK airport in New York but it backfired so far. The Iraqi refugee and his family was interviewed and he likes Donald Trump.

Michael Moore tweeted to all his commie friends in the New York City area to come to the airport, terminal 4 for a rally/protest.

The reporter asked the now-freed Iraqi named Hamid what he thought of America.

“America is the greatest nation, the greatest people of the world”, he said.

Then they baited him, asking him what he thought of Donald Trump.

“I like him but this is a policy, I don’t know. He’s the president, I’m a person. I have a special immigration Visa in my passport because I work with the U.S. Government, I support the U.S. Government on the other side of the world. But when I came here, they say no and they treat me as I break the rules or do something wrong. That surprise me. Really I surprised.

The reporter baited him again, “How does that make you feel?”

“I’m happy because I have you, you Americans,” he said.

He was very appreciative of all the support from the protesters.

Obviously the ban of refugees from terror nations is not aimed at people like Hamid. We want a lot more Hamids. Too bad we can’t trade them for Michael Moore.

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