Attorney General Bill Barr Comments on Comey, Giuliani, Impeachment


Democrats keep saying, “No one is above the law,” yet none of the articles of impeachment accuse Trump of breaking the law and there is no victim. So, what law are they talking about? They make no sense. This entire impeachment is a fiasco.

Attorney General Bill Barr, in an interview Wednesday with Fox News, warned that impeachment could be “trivialized” by Democrats’ efforts to remove President Trump, while also firing back at ex-FBI Director James Comey’s reaction to the Justice Department inspector general’s report on the Russia investigation.

“As a general matter, I think we have to be careful about trivializing the process and they put in a hurdle of high crimes — of treason, bribery and other high crimes,” Barr told “The Story with Martha MacCallum” in an interview scheduled to air Wednesday night. “The articles of impeachment here do not allege a violation of law, and it looks as if it’s going to be along partisan lines — I think — you know, I’m concerned about it being trivialized and used as a political tool.”

The Attorney General didn’t think much of Jim Comey’s premise that criticism of the FBI is an attack.

“One of the things that I object to is the tack being taken by Comey, which is to suggest that people who are criticizing or trying to get to the bottom of the misconduct are somehow attacking the FBI. I think that is nonsense,” Barr said. “We’re criticizing and concerned about misconduct by a few actors at the top of the FBI, and they should be criticized if they engaged in serious misconduct.”

We’ve included clips of the Attorney General’s interview with Martha MacCallum.


If you can’t get the clips, there is one clip with all the clips at the end of the short clips.

AG Barr reacts to the President going after Christopher Wray.

Barr talks about Rudy Giuliani investigating Ukraine.

Barr on the broad scope of the Durham investigation.

Barr shares his concerns on the political impeachment.

AG Barr on FBI criticism.

Barr on Comey saying he was ‘seven layers’ above the investigation.

If you can’t get the clips, watch them here:


The impeachment hearings today were a ruse.  It’s a sorry state of affairs. The ‘debates’ were a repeat of what we heard for the past several weeks. The corrupt Democrat Party is ruining their own party and the country. This whole thing was a sham.

Rep. Lee Zeldin did a good job stating the Republican case:

We agree with Bill:

Comments from the Reps:

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