Audience Chants “Death to America” as Khamenei Demands More Concessions



According to the Iranian-backed Press TV, Iran’s Ayatollah will reject “any deal that contradicts national interests”.

Iran wants all sanctions lifted at once. They won’t accept the process the West – the P5+1 – has put forward which separates the political and technical agreements. The deadline for a political agreement is March and June is the deadline for a technical agreement.

Barack Obama announced today that the West is ready with a deal to present to Iran.

Meanwhile, the red lines have been moved again.

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki asserted Monday that the March 24th deadline to reach a political framework with Iran over its nuclear program was merely a “goal” and not a deadline.

Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked by Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J. if it is ” true that even the deal that you are striving towards is not to eliminate any Iranian breakout capacity, but to constrain the time in which you’ll get the notice of such breakout capacity? Is that a fair statement, yes or no?” Blinken replied, “Yes it is.”

Analysts do not believe one year is enough time to discover an attempt by Iran to break out with a bomb and for the West to coordinate a response.

The original demand that the Arak heavy water reactor be converted into a light water reactor has been dropped.

The West is no longer demanding the underground Fordow facility be shut down.

The Washington Post editorial board wrote, “Where it once aimed to eliminate Iran’s ability to enrich uranium, the administration now appears ready to accept an infrastructure of thousands of Iranian centrifuges.” At the start of negotiations, the United States sought to leave Iran with “no more than 1,500 centrifuges left operating…” Throughout the negotiation period, from November 2013 until the present day, the number of centrifuges the negotiating partners are prepared to accept has gradually increased to up to 6,500.

Some reports have it at the original 10,000.

While we are giving into Iran’s every demand, Iran is making it impossible for the U.S. to defeat ISIS according to a report by The Daily Beast. They have taking over Yemen indirectly through their Houthis. They are helping Syria build a bomb and two nuclear reactors.

Congress has been completely left out on the false premise that they would delay the administration’s need to provide a quick “snapback” in case of Iranian non-compliance, a “snapback” that couldn’t happen easily in any case.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave a speech yesterday outlining the deal he will accept. He rejected the process. He wants details and generalities presented in one session. A phasing-in of sanctions relief in unacceptable.

Barack Obama said Khamenei is pressing for progress and has embraced the idea of a fair deal. The problem is Khamenei’s understanding of both is different from the US’s.

Will the West now backslide on these issues as they have others?

In his speech, the Ayatollah talked about the Iranian Revolution, demonized the United States and promoted the idea that they would win this time in a war against America. As he spoke, the audience chanted Death to America.

He told the audience that the West is in trouble in these negotiations, the West is cornered, and the U.S. has lost all wars and is despised.

“The whole situation in our region is indicative of the fact that the USA has failed in its objectives inside and outside the region. The USA was defeated in Syria; the USA was defeated in Iraq; the USA was defeated in Lebanon; the USA was defeated in the Palestinian issue; the USA was defeated in the issue of Gaza; the USA has failed to gain control over the issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and it is despised among those nations. It is also the case outside this region. The USA was defeated in Ukraine. You are the ones who were defeated. There has been defeat after defeat over the years. The Islamic Republic has advanced. Today, the Islamic Republic is in no way comparable with the Islamic Republic 35 years ago, as it has accumulated experience, taken action, and made numerous advancements, winning significant influence in the region and the influence of the principles of the Revolution in the depths of the hearts of youths in this country. Is all this insignificant? These events are real. This is reality. They are miscalculating different issues. God willing, the Islamic Republic [will advance] with the will of the people and youths in all area…”

Khomeini said that the West does not understand logic.

“The other side is moving forwards based on the lack of reason and force. They themselves say that they have been able to force Iran to stop developing nuclear facilities and to stop and suspend this and that. They are right: The Islamic Republic has done these according to the logic of negotiations. They themselves confess. However, they are greedy. The Iranian nation will not submit to greed and tyranny.”

While Khomeini spoke, the audience chanted, “Allah Akbar, Khamene’i is the Leader; Death to the enemies of the leadership; Death to America; Death to England; Death to hypocrites; Death to Israel”.

Khamenei won’t consider a deal without all his demands being met and he capped it off with a threat:

“If they want a deal, they should cover both generalities and details in a single session, instead of leaving details for later and separating generalities which are vague and leave room for different interpretations. This is not logical.”

“And everything to be signed between our statesmen and the other side must be clear and transparent and no room should be left for different interpretations. It should not allow the other side which moves forward by means of excuses, to make things harder and refer to excuses for various issues. No, these are all meant for taking away the weapon of sanctions from the hands of the enemy. It is good if they can do this. However, the sanctions must literally be taken away from the hands of the enemy. The sanctions must be lifted. This kind of a deal [is favored]. Otherwise, if they achieve no success in this regard, the Iranian nation, statesmen, the honourable government and others have numerous ways and they must certainly take this path in order to nullify the weapon of sanctions.”

“God willing, on 22 Bahman [11 February 2015, the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution], the Iranian nation will show that anyone who tries to humiliate the Iranian nation will face a retaliatory blow from the Iranian nation.”

The audience chanted, “Allah Akbar, Khamene’i is the Leader; death to the enemies of the leadership; death to America; death to England; death to hypocrites; death to Israel.”

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