audio…Rush Limbaugh on the Seizure of the Internet this Thursday



This week will mark the end of the freedom of the Internet. Net Neutrality will pass this week, turning over control to the freedom-robbing administration who have empowered a government agency – the FCC –  to overstep its authority, an authority that only belongs to Congress.

Net Neutrality is meant to give the government full control of the Internet. The purpose is to allow only one viewpoint and control public opinion.

The revenue will also be controlled by the government.

The way this works is the Big government people pick an issue people want handled and they then use it to make it seem as if they are solving the problem, when in reality they are seizing control away from the people. That’s what they have done with the Netflix issue.

The FCC that’s orchestrating this seizure does not have the power to implement any of these regulations but the president has given the agencies the power of Congress. He is destroying the separation of powers.

Once it is in place, we won’t be able to do a thing about it. Lawsuits, at best guess, will take 5 years, by then it will be entrenched with big government agencies overseeing it.

We don’t even know how Net Neutrality will be defined. Over 300 pages are being kept secret.

If it were any good at all for the American people, they would have released the 300+ page document, but they are refusing to do so.

We’re operating like a tinpot dictatorship.

Listen to these two audio clips from Rush on the issue.

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