Auntie Maxine Has Seen Enough, Impeach 45


At the NAACP Image Awards, broken record Maxine Waters said she has seen enough and it’s time to impeach Trump.

‘Talking to reporters after receiving the Chairman’s Award, Waters said, “No matter what this report is thus far we have seen enough. We have right before our very eyes the obstruction of justice in so many ways. It is not only the firing of Comey, but it is the fact that he sat on the airplane, and he wrote a memorandum about the meeting that took place at Trump Towers where they had organized this meeting to talk about how they could undermine Hillary Clinton but he wrote the memo, he told a lie and said it had to do with the adoption of children.”

She added, “I have said as you know I believe he needs to be impeached.”

The Mueller report just came in and cleared the President of collusion and obstruction.

The NAACP didn’t do themselves any favors with some of the people they nominated like Ilham Omar and Jussie Smollett. They used to be a great organization, but now they’re just leftists.

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