Auntie Maxine Knows Why the President’s at War with California


JoyAnn Reid thinks the President and Scott Pruitt are trying to ruin California. During an interview with Mad Max on AMJoy, she asked the congresswoman about Pruitt and his ‘offenses’.

Maxine Waters, a Democrat ‘rock star’ said: “It’s horrible. Why is he getting away with this? He can talk about paying rent for $50 when he stays in this lobbyist home. This is outrageous. What about the money he spends on travel. What about the raises he’s given flows even though he was advised by the White House not to do it. It’s outrageous. We don’t know why he hasn’t been fired. The president likes to fire but we think the president likes what he’s doing with public policy. He’s literally destroying everything that Obama did.”

Reid then said: “It does feel like California is at war with the Trump Administration. Can California hold the line if Congress cannot?”

Auntie Maxine thinks she knows why the President is picking on California and it’s not because they have moved hard-left and refuse to abide by the Constitution. It’s because he “does not like California” and is “vindictive”.

“California is tough. We have members of our legislature who are always thinking about ways by which to push back and to resist him. We think that he’s taking it out on us because he did not win California. He does not like California and he’s vindictive. Our legislatures and Jerry Brown.”


  1. I was born in Los Angeles in 1954 and grew up in central and southern California. I can tell you that California has always been at war with itself. The entire time I lived in California (20 years), northern and southern California were at odds over water, economics, pollution, crops, migrant workers, etc. It was all about who had or created the most compared with who used the most. I remember when it got so bad that California threatened to divide into 2 separate states. Now they have a common focus – destroy President Trump. That’s a lot easier than dealing with the problems they created themselves.

  2. Maybe when they secede from the union they will be able to solve this problem and live happily ever after.

  3. Auntie Maxine hates her constituents, loves their votes. She promises free stuff and takes free stuff. She refuses to live in the district she represents…prefers rather to live in a mansion elsewhere. Maxine is not a blooming idiot. She is a withering idiot. JoyAnn Reid is not far behind.

    California is a shithole because of its own liberal government. There are many good people in California….just not enough to turn the tide against the mentally ill liberals and the illegal alien voters.

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