“Auntie Maxine”, “Political Rock Star”, Guards the Swamp with an Unusual Following



Who is the black woman who is passionately, tirelessly fighting for the future of this country? The woman who is so strong in her passion for justice, so deep is her commitment to getting the truth about the president, so ingrained is her skill as a community organizer, that staying home just isn’t an option?

R. Eric Thomas, writer for Elle, says it’s Auntie Maxine and she has the Millennials in her spell.

You see, Auntie, or rather Maxine Waters, is “the Millennials’ political rock star” after nearly aging out from 37 years as a swamp critter who has made her family wealthy with government funds and kept Americans divided wherever and whenever possible.

“She’s fired up and ready to go”, Thomas alerts the reader, and certainly he’s right, having taken strength from the new hard-left Socialist Democrat Party. She is the #Resistance led by such noted Communists as Michael Moore and aging real rock stars like Madonna.

Her claim to fame? She’s uncovered a massive Russian conspiracy! No, not the the one headed by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, but rather, the fake one composed of Trump’s campaign people. She wants people to “stay woke”.

Waters has found her inspiration in a new catchphrase sparked by her love of the English language, “We’ve got to stop HIS ass.” Lovely.

The “Maxine Effect” is something that Thomas observed ending with her “inspired” audience using some “unprintable terms to talk about the administration”.  The admirers then bring her to “cackles”, he writes wistfully.

The crowd rushes to “touch her, to get a selfie, to say thank you”. Rock star!

Her district is more swamp than what you’d expect from an inspiring leader. The Watts area has the highest unemployment rate of any area throughout L.A. County and, overall, nationally the unemployment rate in that area has always been off the charts. It’s been double digits, especially for Black males, for as long as Maxine has been in her position. In fact, it’s gotten worse.

The extreme poverty and consequent welfare payouts she has overseen caused street artists to pin posters around town of Maxine depicted as the “Poverty Pimp”.

Racists!, she bellowed, and the posters disappeared.

She can get out the vote with her dance moves. As the LA Times noted in 1992, “Whether it was joining in with Crips and Bloods gang members in a communal dance called the electric slide at a housing project party, or throwing off a line about Bush, television cameras seemed to be everywhere she went.”

Yes, she brings hope everywhere she goes and gang members love her.

Maxine is full of hope, Thomas regaled in his article. Perhaps it’s because she has all the answers.

“When asked about white fear, she instead talked about black fear. Asked to condemn the looters, she instead raked President Bush over the coals. When the focus was put on problems in her district, she retorted that the problem is that there is something “desperately wrong” with America,” Douglas Shuit wrote for the LA Times.

What is desperately wrong with America can be traced directly back to people like “Auntie Maxine”, more star than performer.

Waters has condemned the neglect by politicians of “America’s blighted cities” from her $4.8 million dollar mansion outside the district. Are you surprised she doesn’t live in the district after dragging it further into the mud since her glory days capitalizing on the Rodney King riots?

The woman who thinks Russia invaded Korea was one of Bill Clinton’s most trusted advisers. She was the Black woman he needed and she’s been rediscovered by the youth who thrill to hear her illiterate rants of hate and division. It’s her dance moves that wins the day.

Her family has greatly benefitted from her status as undeniably untouchable no matter how much corruption surrounds her. She secured an ambassadorship to the Bahamas for her football player/car salesman husband whose only qualification is he speaks English too.

Then there is her daughter and her firm who were paid $650,000 by the taxpayers/donors for her advice to Maxine. In fact, the inspirational mom owes her another $108,000 from the taxpayers she regularly loots.

You’d think she’d advise her mother for free, wouldn’t you?

During the economic crisis of 2008, Maxine arranged a meeting with Treasury officials and OneUnited bank to save them and her. You see, her husband owned shares in the bank and she would have been under water had the bank not survived. Maxine kept her stake in the bank secret.

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) had warned her against getting involved in advocating for a bank in which she had financial interest. Confident of her untouchable status, she ignored him and let her grandson take the mild slap.

Regularly voted Congress’s most corrupt, Auntie was investigated for that. It cost $1.3 million dollars to let her squirm off the hook in the end. Her grandson and chief of staff MiKael Moore fell on the sword of three ethics violations that resulted in a letter now buried in his file.

Congress said they’d change the ethics laws, but, like many of their promises, that didn’t happen.

CREW listed Maxine as the most corrupt member of congress in 2005, 2006, and 2009 and on. Waters is one of the few members of Congress with a record of unethical dealings that can compare with Hillary Clinton’s, CREW writes.

How can we drain the swamp of her “ass” – to use her word – when she is Cerebus guarding the swamp with ferocious tenacity, blasting the air waves in the highest decibels of sound to inspire hate and anger towards whatever common enemy she can target. It is her talent.

The future won’t be changed since she has enlisted the help of the youth who gravitate towards the aging denizens of D.C. who have made a living exploiting Americans and who now have another generation to corrupt.


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Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

37 years of this behavior. It provides me more confirmation that this nation no longer wishes to support the concepts of Liberty and Declaration of Independence and limited government. It’s a well-worn statement, we have the best government that money can buy and that is not limited to any one party.

Your article is spot on. Thanks.