Australia Might Have Found Debris from the Missing Malaysian Flight – Updates


Updates at the end of the article

Australians have been searching a broad area near Perth which includes a drift area. It was targeted based on careful analysis. They found possible debris from the missing Malyasian plane on satellite pictures in the area.

Aircraft and ships are heading to the area.


The weather is not cooperative. The objects might be difficult to locate and they might not be related to the plane.

The objects are indistinct but of reasonable size and are awash of water. The largest image is 24 meters (almost 78 feet), there is a smaller one, and a number of other images in the area that look like a debris field.


The debris is credible enough to divert resources to the field. The water is about ten thousand meters deep in the area (every thousand meters equals .62 miles).

The plane would have passed Indonesia and remarkably,it was not picked up. Thailand provided the data recently only because someone finally asked for it. There are bad feelings among these nations.

If this is the plane, it is 7 hours from where it was supposed to be. It looks like a hijacking but what could the motive possibly be? The plane was at the far end of where its fuel would have gone.


Update: 09:00 EST: The debris could be cargo containers but shipping routes are usually to the west of that.

There is a storm passing over the very area now. It’s described as one of the most remote areas  in the world.

On March 11, a British Sat company handed over info to a partner company who then turned it over to Malaysian officials who received it by the 13th. On the 15th, Malaysia released the info to the public, after days of 25 countries searching in the wrong areas.

Malaysian officials knew for days that the plane wasn’t in the area they were looking. The radar traces released by Indonesia and Malaysia are inconsistent.


Update: 10/20/14: 20:00: Update: 10/20/14: Additional comments from experts on this link.