Disgusted Australians Tell “Immature” Americans to Follow Their Example on Guns


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The George Soros website ThinkProgress reported that at least one group in Australia is “disgusted” with Americans for not responding to gun massacres. On Australia’s Today Show, Gun Control Australia director Samantha Lee suggested a boycott of non-essential travel to America to protest its inaction on gun control.

“We have 2.1 million Australians visiting the U.S. every year and over 200,000 expats in America,” Lee said. “So I believe we have a duty to respond to this tragedy in the U.S. And the way to do this is have a boycott of non-essential travel to the U.S.”

The group is an anti-gun lobby that thinks guns for sporting activities should be made illegal.

It’s not just this one group responding this way. ThinkProgress cited a number of Australian newspapers are reacting with disgust, calling Americans “immature.” Australians idiotically banned all guns except for sports based on one mass shooting.

They need to stay out of U.S. affairs. They are free to give up their own rights but not ours.

Worldwide condemnation is what Obama seeks to pressure and enrage Americans.

Great Britain and Australia implemented full bans on guns and went on a gun confiscation spree. When Barack Obama gave his speech last week, he suggested we should do the same in the United States.

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it,” he said.

If Barack Obama thinks he can get away with gun confiscation, he will do it but that would be grounds for impeachment.

Obama and others of his stripe want to weed the mass killers out from the innocent gun owners. Certainly they can’t do it without weeding out the innocent.

Obama’s government agencies are looking at confiscation of broad categories of people among veterans, seniors, people who take medication or who are on social security.

“If even one life can be saved…” Obama likes to say. However, what about the 100,000 to 2.5 million who were saved by using a gun in self-defense? Does it apply to them?

Barack Obama and his ilk do not believe in gun ownership for self-defense. That should be obvious by now. He wants much more than “common sense gun laws.”

One extensive study indicates that FBI homicide reporting figures account for only 259 justified firearm homicides in 2012 compared with 8,342 criminal homicides by firearm.

The study that came up with these statistics only goes by body count and not the numbers of deterred crimes.

Even accepting the scope of the study, there are significant problems. CATO found that the study was deeply flawed and used unreliable data.

A widely-known study conducted by Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz in the 1990s found that there were somewhere between 830,000 and 2.45 million U.S. defensive gun uses annually. A National Crime Victimization Study (NCVS) which asked victims if they had used a gun in self-defense found that about 108,000 each year had done so. It underestimated that count however because it did not include those instances where a citizen is wounded and not killed or the criminal flees.

Politico‘s story in February, “Defensive Gun Use Is Not a Myth”, by Gary Kleck puts a new perspective on the false statistics put out by the left and driven to the top of the google pages. Kleck is a criminologist who estimates that 2.5 million Americans use guns to defend themselves each year. Out of that number, 400,000 believe that but for their firearms, they would have been dead.

Kleck has successfully refuted false claims appearing on the pages of the very same Politico he wrote the article for. Research tells us that surveys underestimate the frequency of crime victimizations, gun possession and self-reported illegal behavior.

The National Rifle Association clearly agrees that guns should not be sold to individuals found to have serious mental problems, but the problem is also one of bad reporting.  Many states fail to provide mental health records to the federal computerized background check system. According to a November, 2011 report by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), 23 states have shown “major failures” in complying, and four (Alaska, Delaware, Idaho and Rhode Island) submit no records at all.

As reported by Larry Elder at realclearpolitics, Professor Emeritus James Q. Wilson, the UCLA public policy expert, says: “We know from Census Bureau surveys that something beyond 100,000 uses of guns for self-defense occur every year. We know from smaller surveys of a commercial nature that the number may be as high as 2 1/2 or 3 million. We don’t know what the right number is, but whatever the right number is, it’s not a trivial number.”

“Of approximately 80,000 in 2012 that were denied (a gun) because of a background check … only 44 people were prosecuted for that,” Ayotte said during a February 19 meeting. The numbers could be off slightly but they are mostly accurate. The left should put their energies into pushing law enforcement to enforce the gun laws we have. It would be a better use of their time.

The one statistic gun grabbers will never quote is the one that points to the declining gun crimes though that will likely change with Obama-style policing in local police precincts.

Lost in all this is that our inherent right to self-defense and the right to arm ourselves with GUNS. Justice Stevens would have us believe that we only have a “right to call 911.”

At least 100,000 people might be dead if it were not for their use of a gun. Do their lives count if only “one life counts”?



  1. Why are so many Aussie’s coming to the USA if they are afraid of us? Why exactly is there still a violence problem in Australia? How come I just watched a video of Australian Police firing fully automatic HOMEMADE machine guns they had confiscated?

  2. How about starting by going after the people who have already committed crimes using guns. Track them down and have them give up,their weapons. Then do the same for those who are adjudicated as mentally ill and also guilty of domestic abuse. That would be a great start, and
    leave the hunters, sport shooters and those concerned about personal security alone. They can scoop up the gang bangers, who are causing the most gun deaths, they go along.

  3. I care about as much what a bunch of Libbers from Oz thinks as I do Libbers from America… Locked and loaded, everywhere I go for the last 44 years now and I have NEVER fired a shot in anger and none of my guns ever jumped out of my belt and shot anyone…

      • Those of you that think guns are the problem are actually the problem yourself. The U.S. ranks 111th in murders per 100,00 residents. # 1 in gun ownership in the world but 111th in murders. Do some researcher before you talk through your ass.

  4. Quote from this nonsensical self serving article: ” Australians idiotically banned all guns except for sports based on one mass shooting.They need to stay out of U.S. affairs. They are free to give up their own rights but not ours.” On that basis, the USA should stay out of every other country’s affairs! Just ask George W or any of his predecessors!

    • and what a surprise, after that one incident and the subsequent banning of semi and fully automatic weapons, we haven’t had a mass shooting since, only isolated one off incidents which do not happen anywhere near the same ballpark as american shootings.
      Must be just a coincidence though.

  5. If George Soros has ANYTHING to do with giving up our guns,…I’M NOT INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT. This freak of a nutcase is nothing but BAD NEWS. In every country he has put his feet, he has DESTROYED, in more ways than one. This jerk needs one rightly places between both of his eyes.

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