Avenatti Has Another One & She’s a Friend of Accusers 1 & 3


Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti came up with another anonymous witness and oddly, she has known both Christine Blasey Ford and Julie Swetnick for years. That ties the first and third accusers together, albeit indirectly.

The individual claims to be a resident of South Florida, and a 1983 graduate of a high school “in the Washington, D.C. area.”

“I have known Christine Blasey Ford and Julie Swetnick for decades and I believe they are both honest and truthful,” the accuser said. Ford has accused Kavanaugh of trying to force himself on her at a high school party while Swetnick, also represented by Avenatti, has alleged Kavanaugh was involved in or present at “gang” rapes in the 1980s, which the nominee adamantly denies.

She offered the exact same wording about the parties as Swetnick except she went to 20 of them. Isn’t that odd that she is parroting the exact wording?

She said Kavanaugh and Judge drank excessively and Kavanaugh drank before he was 18. The anonymous woman said they were both verbally abusive to girls. Strangely, she admitted to seeing them spike the punch so the girls could be raped.


The judiciary has already responded to Avenatti. The answer will be the same no matter how many emails he sends. Swetnick lied and completely changed her sworn testimony.

Meanwhile, why is Sen. Dianne Feinstein moving to seal the FBI investigation as the case is collapsing.

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