Awesome! They’re Going to Track Us and Tax Us By the Miles We Drive!



As predicted on the Sentinel, the little black box being put into cars, originally for accident insurance purposes, will eventually be used to tax drivers. The phony excuse will be the repair of the  ‘crumbling’ highway system. Where have we heard that one before?

The black boxes, already installed in many newer cars, can track every mile a driver logs and then transmit the information to government bureaucrats.  The government will be able to monitor our every move. What could possibly go wrong with that?

DC and state planners are looking at using the boxes like another ATM. It won’t be long before the money will be used for something other than roads.

Congress wants drivers to pay per mile.

Government officials say it’s a must because they can’t keep raising the tax at the pump. They hope it will be in place by 2025.

The Highway Trust Fund needs money partly because they aren’t getting as much from gas receipts as they have in the past. Cars get better mileage and people aren’t buying as much gas.

It’s  a way for the government to levy a high tax and make it look as if they aren’t raising taxes.

Environmentalists don’t want us driving so they’re happy. The ACLU is worried about privacy rights and the Tea Party is opposed. Libertarians like it because they actually think it will be a tax that is used for a direct purpose.

They aren’t going to call it a tax. It’s going to be called a mileage-based user fee. How clever!

They can’t wait to get started. Some states already have set up pilot projects, Oregon being one.

Read the full story at the LA Times

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