Axios Says Trump May Fire Bannon, Priebus, Spicer, McGahn


Mike Allen of Axios says that Trump’s friends and outside consultants are urging the President to take out everyone from Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, strategist Steve Bannon, counsel Don McGahn, press secretary Sean Spicer and maybe others. Axios says Trump’s considering it.

There is talk of Kimberly Guilfoyle replacing Spicer.

Apparently some Cabinet members could be on the list for expulsion as well.

The confidante alleges that Trump is angry and frustrated.

If this is accurate, who are these confidantes who are leaking this information? How could Trump have such disreputable friends and consultants?

According to Allen’s report, Trump’s friends say the top aides don’t know how to work with Trump so they are telling him to go big in firing.

That sounds very self-destructive to some of us.

The “friends” feel the fighting and leaking will ease off if he gets a different team.

The word from this so-called White House confidante(s) is the message from Trump is he can go it alone.

Isn’t much of the problem caused by Democrats picking the Trump staff off one-by-one? It’s a tactic they’ve used since Trump came into office. They won’t approve his nominees and they constantly try to divide the loyalties of the team in the White House.

While Trump contributes to his problems, he’s not the core problem. The real problem is Democrats can’t let a Republican succeed when Democrats are so close to having the one party left-wing nation they’ve struggled to build for decades.

Any Republican who makes it to the presidency will be given this treatment.

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6 years ago

Perhaps his daughter and son in law should be the first to go?