Ayatollah Khamanei Agrees with Hollywood — Disarm U.S. Citizens


The best reason yet to NEVER give up our guns comes from Hollywood and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Khamenei wants Americans disarmed. This is the guy who puts his own people in dungeons or kills them if they try to get out from under his iron fist.

Ironically, this is after he received $1.7 billion in cash and gold from Barack Obama to arm his terrorists throughout the world. In fact, he received up to $33 billion in sanctions relief.

Obama wants us disarmed too, but not Iran!

The Ayatollah also has a lot in common with the U.S. hypocrites in Hollywood. Hollywood denizens make violent movies using all manner of weapons but want us disarmed.

Numerous celebrities wore orange lapel pins during the Oscars in support of gun control and the Michael Bloomberg-founded gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. They were surrounded by armed guards. There was very heavy security for them.

Many of these narcissistic celebs push for gun control that would literally gut the Second Amendment. They would do all but make gun owners wear a letter marking them. Many want a registry with the names and addresses of owners published in newspapers.

The fact that they have armed bodyguards is okay because they are so special.

The Ayatollah tweeted his fondness for stringent gun control in the United States and for the abolition of the Second Amendment.

“No one dares apply the clear solution to the promotion of guns and homicide in America. What’s the solution? It’s to make guns illegal,” he tweeted.

It stands to reason the Ayatollah would want to make us vulnerable at home, and to our enemies abroad. His people are among the foreigners Democrats think should freely cross our borders and then get amnesty.

He Says Gun Companies Are Corrupt As He Arms Terrorists

The Ayatollah suggested that the gun companies are the problem. He belittled President Trump. The thug won’t belittle Obama because Obama gave Iran all that money to arm their terrorists.

He Cares, He Really, Really Cares

The Mafia Don of Iran, who has taken all the power and wealth from his people, is worried about our corrupt people.

He Trashes Our Values

He isn’t impressed with our values or religious beliefs either. This is the man who jails women who take off the veil and who has generals okaying the rape and torture of young dissidents.

Down with the USA!

Thugs around the world want us disarmed!

Do we really want to take advice about our gun rights and our ability to defend ourselves from a man who chants, ‘Down with the USA’ almost daily? Are we that stupid?

In this video clip, the Supreme Leader has the people chanting, “Down with the USA” among other things. He wants us disarmed for the same reason leftists in this country want us disarmed — to control us.


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