AZ Dem Candidate Won’t Stop Anarchists from Destroying Property


The Washington Examiner obtained Kyrsten Sinema emails from June 2002. Sinema is the god-awful Democrat senatorial candidate in Arizona challenging Republican Martha McSally for the seat.

She was a community organizer for the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice in 2002. The group, she wrote at the time, “opposed the use of violence and weapons in all situations” and “believes in world disarmament.”

While opposing violence in all situations, she thought it okay to let anarchists go to it unimpeded.

“When AAPJ attended May Day (sponsored by the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition), we knew that their guidelines differ from ours,” Sinema emailed a fellow protester. “They are okay with weapons and property destruction in some instances, and so those of us who chose to attend the event knew that it would be inappropriate to ask someone to not destroy property or to carry a weapon.”

Sinema didn’t feel comfortable imposing her beliefs about not destroying property on her fellow protesters.

The Soros-promoted candidate has a long, bizarre history as a radical which began with the Iraq War. Her prior videotaped statements have exposed her revolutionary thinking. She has described her state as a “meth lab of democracy” [she’s a socialist] and she has only contempt for half the voters [although she now claims she only meant she has contempt for Republican lawmakers]. Her revulsion towards the military has also been exposed.

This candidate makes Jeff Flake look like a conservative and she holds a slight lead.


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