AZ Isn’t Even Allowed to Educate About Vaccinations


AZ Central reports that the state ended their vaccine education program after a relatively small number of people said they didn’t want it because they were afraid it would become mandatory.

Education is no longer allowed if the little mouthy dictators say so.

The complainants don’t immunize their school-age children. They’re going backward and will bring back — in fact, they are bringing back — many diseases we were rid of. But this isn’t about vaccinations, it’s about education being banned.

The pilot online course, modeled after programs in Oregon and Michigan, was created in response to the rising number of Arizona schoolchildren skipping school-required immunizations against diseases like measles, mumps, and whooping cough because of their parents’ beliefs.

The complaints that ended the pilot program came from only about 120 individuals and families, including 20 parents who said that they don’t vaccinate their children, records show.

Who are these people? And why won’t they tell us?

Illegal aliens are bringing in measles, TB, leprosy, strange viruses, polio, and other diseases. The vaccinations are needed, but, no matter one’s beliefs, certainly, the education should never be banned.


“I’m not sure why providing ‘information’ is seen as a negative thing,” said state Rep. Heather Carter, R-Cave Creek, who spent the last three legislative sessions as chairwoman of the House Health Committee and helped create the pilot program.

“Providing information doesn’t take away a parent’s choice to seek an exemption. … This is a major concern. Vaccines have saved lives for generations. We all want to live in safe and healthy communities.”


The 60-90 minute evidence-based education program is the result of meetings attended by physicians, nurses, school administrators, school nurses, naturopaths, and public health officials.

It launched in 17 schools in three Maricopa County districts last academic year. The largest share of those schools was in the Paradise Valley Unified School District.

The educational program attempts to send the message that the vaccines are far safer than the diseases they prevent.

If you are opposed to vaccinations, fine, but education? That’s not acceptable in the USA.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Why is it that the vaxxers are afraid of the anti-vaxxers??? If one is vaccinated how can you get the “disease”….in other words, despite what you preach, you actually do not believe your product is effective??? As anyone of my age knows mumps, measles and chicken pox, except in rare exceptional cases, none that am personally familiar with, are life threatening.

Linda Markin
Linda Markin
5 years ago

Please take me off your email list.