AZ’s Senatorial Candidate Detests Half the Voters & Her “Meth Lab” State


Radical leftist and open borders advocate Kyrsten Sinema thinks her state is the “meth lab of democracy”. That could be because she’s a socialist and the state hasn’t been turned yet. She hopes to make it California. Sadly, the election is a toss up. Listen to the latest from the far left-winger.

“If you’re not watching the Daily Show, I don’t know how you keep up with what’s happening in America today. But, Jon Stewart said this just a few weeks ago that, indeed, as we see in this very quote, that states are the laboratories of democracy and then my state, Arizona, is clearly the meth lab of democracy. And I cannot take credit for that line, someone at the Daily Show wrote it, but I’m happy to steal it and use it all the time,” Sinema said.

It figures she gets her political wisdom and quotes from The Daily Show.

Watch the leftist dingbat who is giving blondes a bad name:


Two days ago, we learned that she hosted two events with the woman who aided and abetted one of the worst terrorists we have convicted.

Sinema co-founded a very far-left group called Global Justice, and invited people in the Yahoo group to two events with terrorist lawyer Lynn Stewart in 2003.

Stewart eventually went to prison for transferring information from the Blind Sheikh to his acolytes. She also received a 10-year additional sentence for perjury, but was released after serving three years because of her terminal illness and died four years later in 2017.

In the first event, Sinema declared the guilty woman “not guilty” and blamed The Patriot Act for the allegedly false charges against her.

She said at the time, “Last April, FBI agents arrested Stewart at her Brooklyn home. As they took her away in handcuffs, the FBI invaded and searched her Manhattan office. Her crime? Doing her job for the past 27 years as an outspoken criminal defense lawyer.”

They had warrants and she was guilty as Hell.

Stewart was passing on secret messages from her former client, Omar Abdel Rahman, to a U.S.-designated terror group, the Islamic Group, from 1997 to 2002.

A few days later, she had Stewart speak to her group again. Sinema did not tell the truth about Stewart’s guilt.

Even more troubling was her response to Fox News about these meetings.

The Sinema campaign provided the following comment to Fox News after the publication of the article. “Kyrsten believes our Constitution ensures equal protection under the law for all people, even those we don’t agree with. Congresswoman McSally and her backers keep resorting to these ridiculous attacks because she can’t defend her record of hurting Arizonans,” said Helen Hare, the campaign’s spokeswoman.

Wow! She thinks Arizona is a meth lab of democracy and she has mocked half her state, but McSally, a fighter jet pilot is the problem?

On this next link, you can hear her mock her constituents and on this link, you can read about what she thinks of our soldiers.

Two Dem Candidates Seem to Have No Respect for Their Constituents


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