Back From the Dead: The RINO Obamacare Bill


By Anthony Stark

I must have missed it… at what point did the Republican “leadership” buy into the ludicrous idea that those with pre-existing conditions” should be “covered” by “insurance?”

Insurance is, at its core, a bet; that is, the Insurance Company bets that it will make more money on your premiums after paying your medical bills.

You bet the opposite; that is, even if you are only very recently insured, the company must pay off your medical bills, no matter how exorbitant, despite you paying very little in premiums.

If you are lucky and don’t get severely ill, at least you have purchased the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have taken the correct precautions against illness… especially a costly catastrophic illness.

Now, most people fall into the first category and this thus allows the Insurance Company to pay for the minority who are a net loss to their bottom line while still making a profit off the majority who remain, for the most part, healthy…

…but if the Insurance company has to pay those who are already sick, how do they make any money at all?

Think about it this way:

The guy who lives next door to you resides in a house filled with combustible liquids that he needs for work. Further, despite being told how dangerous it is, he often BBQs in his living room because he likes the smell.

Predictably, one day the whole house goes up in flames. While the Fire Department is putting it out, he runs down to the local Insurance Company and says:

“Hey! I want to buy Fire Insurance on my house even though it is currently suffering the pre-existing condition of burning to the ground!!”

As stupid and ridiculous as this sounds, from a business perspective, how is it any different from a person who, instead of spending money on a health insurance policy, spends his money on 4 pack a day cigarette habit and a severe addiction to cocaine, develops a lung disease and then demands … in the name of fairness… that an insurance company now “cover him” despite his “pre-existing” condition????

Is it FAIR to the Insurance company or their stockholders who, after all, aren’t in this business to be nice guys but are in it to make money?

Is it FAIR to their other clients who have to pay higher premiums to cover the dangerous lifestyles of people too lazy or reckless to think ahead and take the precautions that are necessary to healthy living?

Is it FAIR to have corrupt political hacks, seeking to demonstrate their “compassion” to the voters by lavishly spending other people’s money, to force the taxpayers to have to pick up the tab for the fact that others made bad choices when determining how to prioritize their lives??

Now, there maybe some way of creating special insurance pools to cover people who find themselves in such a position; I don’t know for sure and therefore will leave it up to those more versed in the Insurance Industry than I am to explain it if it exists.

But in the context of the current discussion regarding the Paul Ryno’s “Killing Obamacare” bill, don’t call “pre-existing conditions” something that needs to be “insured” – call it what it is:

Medical Welfare that was designed to cover up the political cowardice of the RINO elites.

So again, exactly when did the lying RINO sellouts decide that the Left was right to insist Obamacare, that didn’t even exist in 2008, now has to be “replaced” instead of just “repealed?”

As I recall, the RINOs told us in 2008 they couldn’t stop Obamacare because they didn’t have control of the House of Representatives.

In 2010, the Conservative Tea Party Movement gave them a majority in the House of Representatives.

In 2012, the RINOs told us they couldn’t repeal Obamacare because they only controlled “1/2 of 1/3 of the Government” and needed control of the Senate in order to repeal of Obamacare… they never mentioned “replacing” it.

In 2014, Conservatives gave them control of the Senate.

In 2015 the RINOs argued that despite having the House and the Senate, they couldn’t repeal Obamacare unless they also had the White House, in order to prevent a Democrat President from vetoing their repeal.

In 2016, Conservatives… along with anti-Obamacare Trumpists… gave them the White House…

…and in 2017, they spit in our collective faces and tell us that we have to be satisfied with them replacing… replacing… Obamacare with…


We don’t need Republicans… especially RINO Republicans… who are determined to lie to us, laugh at us, condescend to us and then ultimately betray us with warmed over, failed Socialized Medicine “healthcare” panaceas.

We need people in Government who will fight for the Cause of Limited Government… and the collection of corrupt weasels in the so-called Republican “leadership” aren’t it.

Read this about how it allows illegal aliens to cash in on Obamacare.

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6 years ago

Awesome article that hits the nail squarely on the head!
The Left has control of the narrative, once again. There was never a need for Obamacare in the first place. All that bull crap about there being 50 million people without insurance is not substantiated by the very Census reports that the liars said they quoted. It was just a pack of lies that anyone, who can use Google and search the Census reports, can find out for themselves.
So, since there was no need for Obamacare in the first place, it can be completely REPEALED. Just provide an off-ramp for folks already on it.
If the RINOs don’t do this, and persist in shoving RynoCare down our throats, there will be a MAJOR BACKLASH as there should be. Message to the RINOs…YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE, and this cannot come too soon for me.

6 years ago

This article hits the nail on the head!

Further, this current RINO bill does not actually REPEAL the Affordable Care Act – the first paragraph clearly states that it AMENDS the Affordable Care Act. We were not promised AMEND – we were promised REPEAL!

In 2015, the House and the Senate (under Republican control) both passed a REPEAL bill, which was then vetoed by then-President Obama. So…what’s the problem now? The R’s there in 2015 are largely the same as the ones there now – why can’t we pass the 2015 repeal bill again? Could it be that it was just an exercise in smoke and mirrors?

Finally, I have no sympathy for any Trump voters out there not happy with the current Trumpcare bill – if ACA repeal was a top of mind issue for you and you voted Trump, you shouldn’t be disappointed. This bill does EXACTLY what Trump stated he wanted out of healthcare numerous times on the campaign trail and during the debates (keeping medicaid expansion, keeping the ludicrous idea of pre-existing conditions, keeping subsidies through “tax credits,” etc.).

I’m really curious to hear from one of you clapping seal Trump apologists – because if you wanted ACA repeal, you voted against that guy in the primaries!