Bad Dad LaVar Ball Insults President Trump Again After He Got His Son Out of China


LaVar Ball’s son and two other boys who all play basketball at UCLA were detained in China after being caught on camera shoplifting. The thieving boys embarrassed our nation and  their school. They faced 2 to 10 years in a Chinese prison, but were rescued by President Trump who expended political capital to get them home.

The boys thanked the President but not Daddy LaVar, who insulted him. LaVar is at it again.

“Did he go visit them in jail?” Ball asked ABC News producer Michael Del Moro. “If you went to visit them in jail then I would say, ‘thank you.’”

First of all, they weren’t in jail since they were detained in a hotel. Is it any wonder his son got in trouble? Is he stupid? What is wrong with him?

All the players seemed to understand the gravity of what they had done and offered their thanks to Trump for interceding, including Ball’s son, LiAngelo.

Ball then mocked the President saying he wasn’t owed any thanks that Trump hadn’t done anything and it was a minor affair.

Trump tweeted that he should have left them there or maybe waited until his next trip to China.

That was pretty funny and LaVar deserved it. Maybe the boys will get it. Unfortunately, at least one has a terrible role model for a Dad.

Idiot CNN host Brian Stelter called Trump a race baiter and ignored the moronic Dad. What does this have to do with race?

Wouldn’t it have been nice if Barack Obama cared as much and had gotten Otto Warmbier out of North Korea? He didn’t even try.

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