Baltimore Buys Back Guns For Big $$$, Then You Can Get a Bigger Gun


Baltimore is spending $250,000 on a gun buyback program that’s silly even on the face of it. The Baltimore City Police Department, that launched the program, boasted 580 firearms were surrendered on Monday.

When WBFF journalist Kathleen Cairns interviewed people, the reasons they gave for turning in the firearms ranged from they want to clean out the clutter or they need cash.

The biggest problem in the program is they are often buying guns back for more than they are worth. Guns were bought back for anywhere from $25 to $500.

It’s a waste of tax dollars.

The best one was from a woman named Darlene who had great plans for the money she’s getting for her 9mm. Darlene plans to “get a bigger weapon”.

We love Darlene!!!


The mayor blindly wants guns.

“Our point here is, there are guns on the streets of our city. We are signaling folks out there, we don’t care if its grandpa’s gun or your gun, we want it,” Mayor Catherine Pugh told WBFF.

The program was announced last week by Pugh and Interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle in an effort to “get the guns off of our streets,” despite a lack of evidence that buyback programs are effective in reducing violent crimes.

Sadly, as they are doing this, a murder in West Baltimore on Wednesday marked the city’s 300th homicide, the fourth year in a row that the rate has been at least 300.

Many said they don’t believe the buybacks work. This is the second one with no good results.

“They don’t reduce crime, they don’t reduce gun violence. They don’t work,” one seller, Alonzo Plento, told WBFF, speaking of the program which will reportedly cost the city $250,000.


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