Federalizing Local Police Gets Serious in Baltimore


The federal government is attempting to erode local policing and put it under the rule of the federal government, even if they have to do it town-by-town, city-by-city, grant-by-grant.

They plan to forever alter police practices and take control of policing out of local hands. This could one day become Obama’s National Civilian Security Force. Nazi Germany nationalized their police. The 1919 constitution of the Weimar Republic did provide for the possibility of creating a national police force, should the necessity arise, but it was only in the Nazi era that state police forces were unified under central control and a national police force created.

The U.S. federal government likes to advertise the body cams they want to see because that is something most people agree with. They don’t advertise the insidious police practices they want, such as requiring a warrant before stopping a criminal and making a street arrest.

Go to 02:50:

The DOJ and Civil Rights division will have a hard time making the death of Freddie Gray into a civil rights crime since three of the arrested officers are black, however, they will comb through every conceivable document and email as they did in Ferguson until they find that one bigot on whom they can hang the entire department and if they can prosecute even one of the three white officers arrested in the death of Freddie Gray, they will.

The new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who has visited the family of Freddie Gray, has not yet visited the family of the murdered officer in New York City.

She is part of the movement to federalize police. “This is a flashpoint situation”, she said. Ignoring the savagery in Baltimore by thousands of unsavory residents, she continued, “We lost a young man’s life and it begins to represent so many things.”

Lynch only wants to “improve the city’s police department,” and for those in Baltimore, she wants “to hold your hands and provide support.” It’s Alinsky-style linguistics to avoid explaining that this is the “flashpoint” for the federal government to take the police out of local control.

Lynch made it clear during the confirmation hearings that she is fully onboard with Obama’s unlawful rule.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake, too incompetent to run her own police department, has requested the Department of Justice investigate her police department. She said she is not one to “shy away from her city’s big challenges,” as she turns it all over to the federal government.

She has been mayor for five years and apparently accomplished nothing in this area. Under her regime, the police department “continues to have a fractured relationship” with the community. It will take the federales to help her out.

She wants to know what systemic changes need to be made to deal with racist arrests.

As a Marxist comrade of the administration, Rawlings-Blake serves as secretary of the Democratic National Committee and vice president of the federalized U.S. Conference of Mayors. Rawlings-Blake is providing one of the strongest openings yet into which the federal government gestapo can creep.

The federal government is already “advising and assisting” police departments in six cities which they paid their way into with grants. They are also in Ferguson and about ten other cities demanding the police department cede to all of their demands.

The arrests are mostly due to the crime, not the police, but Rawlings-Blake, along with the rest of the kooks in this administration are pandering to felons and distracting normal blacks from the true cause of their problems – decades of one party rule under liberals.

Obviously, Rawlings-Blake is eagerly cooperating with the federalization of the police. In the next video she uses the Socialist slogan – Forward – and ignores the fact that Baltimore has been under leftist rule since the 1960’s.

Rawlings-Blake attempts to make the alleged “systemic” problem into a national one that must be addressed though there is no such “systemic” problem in local policing. It’s been invented by the left using isolated cases of real or perceived racial abuse.

She described the move as needed and something being done throughout the country with federales moving into “communities across our nation” where “unconstitutional” policing practices occurred. It’s not her problem, it’s a problem everywhere in other words.

“In order to achieve the kind of sustainable and significant reform that we want to see, that I want to see, that the citizens want to see in Baltimore, I am requesting that the Department of Justice conduct a Federal Pattern or Practice investigation into the Baltimore City Police Department,” comrade Rawlings-Blake affirmed.

Al Sharpton has finally admitted last week that this is about federalizing police.