Baltimore Mayor Praises Herself for Limiting Riots of Rampaging Criminals to 113 Officers Hurt, $9 Million in Damages


throwing rocks at police

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is very satisfied with her performance during the riots in Baltimore in which more than 200 people were arrested during the worst of the rioting April 27, with more than 350 businesses damaged, 113 officers injured, and 19 buildings and 144 vehicles set on fire, as Baltimore Sun reported. There are reports that it resulted about $9 million in damages.

It was complete anarchy and she still told the police to stand down. “It’s only property,” she said at the time with no small measure of indifference.

“Nobody died during the riots,” Rawlings-Blake said. “Out of the two weeks of demonstrations, we only had a few hours of unrest, and then we were able to restore peace and calm. …

“If you take a look at the overwhelming amount of officers who responded, they did a masterful job of responding and keeping peace and calm. They showed an amazing amount of restraint. Had they been different, the outcome of [that] Monday could have been substantially different,” she said.

She not only allowed the destruction to part of Baltimore and taught the young they have the freedom to attack police and destroy livelihoods but she’s pleased with the job she did.

The riots – not unrest – went on all night, not two hours. I know because I stayed up and watched it. The restraint she talks about is police being ordered to stand down and watch the city burn.

Some of the mayhem continued for days.

Now Baltimore crime is on the rise. Ten were shot on Sunday alone. Great job Stephanie!

“Both of us were working as hard as we could to try to do the best job we could to help Baltimore,” Governor Larry Hogan said. “Sometimes we agreed, and sometimes we didn’t. But I think we worked together pretty well, and the result was pretty good. … By the time we got together on Monday night, almost immediately everything stopped.”

Hogan made the statement even though he complained she wouldn’t return his repeated phone calls for over two hours.

If no one dying is the measure we use, then this wasn’t effective because it’s only a miracle no one did and as for those who were wounded or lost their businesses…oh, well…collateral damage to protect the rights of rampaging criminals.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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