Baltimore Protester – “We Shouldn’t Be Moralizing Peoples’ Anger”


baltimore is burning

The violence in Baltimore is a response to the Baltimore police department, said Mr. Jackson, a protest leader. The police are racist, he insisted while being interviewed by Sean Hannity last evening.

He justified what is going on.

The fact Mr. Jackson wouldn’t respond to in the video is that Baltimore’s police department is a majority minority police department.

Jackson also blamed former Governor Martin O’Malley for mass incarceration.

He angrily insisted that in terms of the riots, “we shouldn’t be moralizing peoples’anger”. We should be moralizing violence against black people.

This is only property destruction, Mr. Jackson pointed out, ignoring the fact that the rioters and looters are destroying their own neighborhood.

The agitators are in the background of this next video and can be heard screaming “racism,” “classicism” – they are communists. The Fox News reporter interviewed two men who attempted to explain the anger in the community that led to these riots.

The first man who appears at the end of the video had his car damaged by the mob.

The second man interviewed, Frederick, blames white, suburban America. He feels the violence is necessary. He said everyone in Baltimore has a story of oppression by police. The riots will accomplish something, it will tell suburbia, white America that the police are treating everyone as criminals because they are black and live in a poor neighborhood.

The important part of his message is what he says happened to him. If true, it’s serious miscarriage of justice. There are undoubtedly stories like his with people have being abused, however, having radical leftists spread the message, burning down Baltimore, and blaming innocent white people in suburbia is counterproductive and unfair.

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