Baltimore Removes 4 Confederate Statues in the Dead of Night


Lee and Jackson monuments were being left defaced.

A day after the Baltimore City Council decided to take down four confederate statues, they sent crews into Wyman Park to remove them under cover of darkness. The decision to remove them was in response to the violent rally held in Charlottesville over the weekend.

Photos and videos shared on social media showed crews with heavy machinery lifting the Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson memorials and loading them onto flat-bed trucks before hauling them away.

“It’s done,” Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh — who stood and watched the statues come down — told the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday. “They needed to come down. My concern is for the safety and security of our people. We moved as quickly as we could.”

The New York Times editorial board wrote this morning that confederate monuments must come down because they represent white supremacy. The article referred to the lunatic who murdered nine black innocents in a church in South Carolina. The media usually shows photos of him displaying a confederate flag. They also referenced the violent rally this past weekend in Virginia.

The article concluded with a quote from Democratic Mayor Mitch Landrieu: As for the city’s future, he asked, “How can we expect to inspire a nation when our most prominent public spaces are dedicated to the reverence of the fight for bondage and supremacy?”

The problem is the left is making all whites into the enemy and all whites on the right into racists and white supremacists. They constantly accuse Republicans of being racist and their political rallying cry is all whites are inherently racists. The only unprotected classes in the leftist game of identity politics are whites.

They now have something they can use as a banner for their allegations.

As a child growing up in the north I wondered why we had any confederate statues anywhere. I was told it was part of history and we must never fail to understand what drove both sides. A history teacher told me that we honor all war dead. It was also part of the Reconciliation as I learned on my own.

Mobs and communists shouldn’t be deciding the fate of these monuments as in Durham, North Carolina. One woman was arrested but it’s doubtful anything will come of it. All those involved should have to pay for the damage.

Perhaps the statues being removed could be taken to battlefields or cemeteries.

NPR reported that Robert E. Lee never wanted monuments erected to commemorate him or the war.

While he was alive, Lee stressed his belief that the country should move past the war. He swore allegiance to the Union and publicly decried southern separatism, whether militant or symbolic.

“It’s often forgotten that Lee himself, after the Civil War, opposed monuments, specifically Confederate war monuments,” said Jonathan Horn, the author of the Lee biography, “The Man Who Would Not Be Washington.”

The Civil War is a horrific scar the United States bears as is slavery but the removal of these statues is only the beginning.

The concern is that the Founding Fathers are next. Will Americans stand up for them? We can’t ascribe current day values to people who lived long ago, but people on the hard left are doing exactly that. There is a bigger concern beyond some confederate statues.

The small number of hard-left agitators who are behind this movement are also in favor of denouncing and wiping out the Founding Fathers who owned slaves at a time when all countries bore the same stigmata. What will the United States be left with if the Founding Fathers who wrote our Constitution and Bill or Rights are demonized and erased from history?

We will have a country without a foundation all primed and ready for the new ideology of global socialism, the neo-communism.

We are talking about people driving this who want to get rid of statues of George Washington and later heroes like Theodore Roosevelt. They are extremists no one in the media will talk about.

Democrat congressmen on Capitol Hill are now demanding all confederate memorials from D.C.

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