Baltimore Stand Down – This Is What Federalized Policing Looks Like


stand down


Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake now denies it but a senior law enforcement source told Fox News that the mayor ordered the police chief on Monday night to stand down.

Police were subjected to being pelted with rocks and bottles and unable to respond as a result. Asked if the mayor was the one who gave the order, the source said, “You are God damn right it was.”

The delayed reaction to criminals rampaging through our streets gives us a glimpse into what Barack Obama’s federalized policing will look like.

His DOJ team of leftist trainees are in Baltimore to work on how the Baltimore Police police as we speak.

Former detective Rod Wheeler believes there is no doubt the police were told to stand down.

Indeed, it seems the president was offering strong advice to stand down to both the governor and the mayor. On Monday, Governor Logan told reporters that he had a long conversation with the president who said he thought they we’re doing the right thing. And he said, “I assume that you and your team will be exercising due restraint.”

Policing by due restraint as criminals loot and burn the city is an interesting concept. We should see a lot more of this as Obama’s policing techniques weave their way into the fabric of our nation’s 18,000 police forces.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake mistakenly told the truth at first. She said she gave those who wish to “destroy” the “space” to do that.

Then she clumsily took it back.

Listen to one witness, Sheriff Michael Lewis.

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