Banana Republic! Dems Launch Massive Trump Probe In Search of a Crime


Update at the end

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” Lavrentiy Beria said. The ruthless secret police chief in Stalin’s reign of terror targeted a person, then proceeded to find or fabricate a crime. How is what is going on with our President now any different?

There is no evidence. If there is, we will know when Robert Mueller has completed his probe. The Democrats aren’t waiting and have begun fishing expeditions looking for a crime. No one is stopping them.

The House Judiciary, run by a hard-left radical, has started off with their probe. Democrats are making us into the Banana Republic and everyone seems okay with that. No one is stopping it.


The White House says it’s now received a massive document request House Democrats had said over the weekend would be coming and promised an answer “at the appropriate time.”

Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., a Socialist sympathizer, sent a sweeping request for documents from the president’s family, businesses and administration.

He said he made requests issued to 81 individuals and entities to help the committee probe three main topics: obstruction of justice, including the potential interference by the president into criminal investigations; public corruption, including violations of the emoluments clause; and abuses of power, including attacks on the free press, the judiciary, and law enforcement agencies.

Nadler, who would oversee any impeachment hearings, told ABC that the goal was to investigate whether the president has committed crimes such as obstruction of justice or “corruption.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday that the White House counsel’s office and relevant officials will review the letter and respond at the appropriate time.

They are looking for something with which to impeach him, but they don’t care if they get to that point. The goal is to spend the next two years, using their offices, abusing their powers, to whittle away at the President’s reputation every day, all day. The media will be only too glad to help in the effort.

This is what communists do. In the end, what decent person will run as a Republican again? But that is the point, isn’t it?


This is the list of people called to testify and it’s outrageous. They are calling everyone even remotely connected to the President. They are calling criminal Michael Cohen again. The ‘witnesses’ should all take the fifth like the Democrats do.

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