Banana Republic! Intel Agencies Were “Leaking Like Mad” to Harm Trump


The collusion between the DOJ/FBI and the media to damage Trump is a big story and it is about to blow up. The more texts released, the worse it gets for the corrupt higher-ups in the agency.

The Obama intelligence agencies were colluding with the media to destroy the lawfully-elected president, just like they do in dictatorships.


President Trump was elected in November of 2016, shocking the nation, especially the DOJ/FBI and other intelligence agencies apparently. It triggered leaks that seem to be more of a systemic problem, possibly one that preceded Barack Obama.

On December 9th, 2016, the New York Times published an article with the headline “Russian hackers acted to aid Trump in election U.S. says.”

The article continues, “American intelligence agencies have concluded with high confidence that Russia acted covertly in the latter stages of the presidential campaign to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances and promote Donald J Trump.”

This casts a shadow over the legitimacy of the presidential election. It was leaked. “U.S. says” suggests the intelligence agencies leaked it and it was leaked to an anti-Trump news outlet.

Six days later. December 15, 2016, Peter Strzok texted Lisa Page. Peter Strzok was the FBI investigator on the Hillary Clinton email and Russian collusion. Lisa Page, FBI attorney. They’re also lovers. They texted each other tens of thousands of times.

“Oh, remind me to tell you tomorrow about the times [NY Times]…doing a story about the RNC hacks,” Page texts Strzok.

“And more than they already did?” Strzok replies. “I told you Quinn told me they are pulling out all the stops on some story.” [Quinn is Richard Quinn, the FBI chief of media and investigative policy.] Therefore, Strzok and Quinn know the New York Times is “pulling out all the stops.”


Strzok then says, “…think our sisters [CIA & defense agencies] have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they are kicking into overdrive.”

Strzok writes to Page again, “and we need to talk about putting C [classified] reporting in our submission. They’re going to declassify all of it.”

January 10th 2017, prior to the inauguration, the New York Times publishes another story suggesting that Russian hackers gained limited access to the Republican National Committee just as Strzok had told his mistress that they would. The same day, BuzzFeed publishes the dossier that had been compiled about Trump.

The dossier is unverified gossip funded by the Hillary campaign and the DNC she controls.

That is published the same day the New York Times publishes another Russian hacker story. Both were leaked.

A media frenzy ensues.

Another text between Page and Strzok talks about the New York Times being angry with the FBI because the Washington Post got a story about Russian collusion that The Times didn’t get. So apparently, the Times reporters called FBI or Strzok to complain about them not leaking the story to them.

Watch former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman discuss the level of guilt with Bill O’Reilly.


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