Bankrupt Cali City Goes Full Commie with Universal Basic Income


California, burning down the Republic

What do Democrats do when their policies fail? They put more of them in place and they make sure they are further left. A perfect example is Stockton, California, a bankrupt, crime-ridden city. The town fathers decided to give some residents a universal basic income.

Starting this month, 130 residents of Stockton, California, with a median income at or below $46,033 will receive a debit card with $500 for the next 18 months that they’re free to use at their own discretion. It’s a pilot program.

What could they possibly think that will do? It’s ridiculous.

It’s called SEED – the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration.

This is more than welfare, it’s Communism, and it’s a terrible precedent.

Obama pushed universal basic income in Africa. Obama used his flowery language to put lipstick on this pig:

“It’s not just money that a job provides. It provides dignity and structure and a sense of place and a sense of purpose,” Obama said. “So we’re going to have to consider new ways of thinking about these problems, like a universal income, review of our workweek, how we retrain our young people, how we make everybody an entrepreneur at some level.”

Bloomberg pushed it, and Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison is a big supporter, as are Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Kamala Harris wants us to pay other peoples’ rents, as does Cory Booker.

Make no mistake, this isn’t even Socialism, it’s Communism.


Basic income undermines the labor part of the free market. The way it’s being defined makes it an entitlement. It’s another welfare package. It’s centralized big government and gets in the way of the individual exercising his/her individual rights. The result will be more government dependents.

People who are productive will have their income stolen to redistribute to these people who will become entitled.

The government would be in complete control and pick winners and losers. It will further erode the taxpayer base. We already live in a country where only 53 percent pay federal taxes; illegals collect income tax credits on taxes they never paid; and the rich who pay an overwhelming amount of taxes are expected to pay more — maybe even 90 percent.

The major flaw, the most devastating, is the effect that it would have on the individual. It would rob people of the dignity of work and independence. UBI makes people their chattel.

Eventually, this would be the norm, the expectation, and it would never be eliminated. As chattel, people lose personal freedom, hope, and power and become a member of the collective, nothing more.

National Review has a good article on the subject.

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4 years ago

These policies are advertised as charity, but the goal is economic collapse, similar to what Alinsky and his followers explicitly stated.

4 years ago

The way I see it is that America has had socialism for a long time now. I’m not simply referring to the “New Deal” socialism of FDR or to the millennial’s love affair with socialist ideas, but to property taxes. God commands us to not steal, yet every year under threat of my land being taken away I pay a tax on the property where I reside (i.e. I’m simply renting what is called “my property” from the government; fail to pay rent, I get evicted) because people vote to authorize the government to take away my money to be used for their kids. The bulk of this tax is used to pay for an educational system that promotes, through federal supervision, teachings that are anti-Christ (reference Proverbs 1:7 as to the true nature of education), whether it be evolution in science and social studies or sex education in health class or no prayer or no positive mention of Christ in history, the result is government control of education to the point that only a humanistic and materialistic view of culture is taught (ref. chapter 2 of Communist Manifesto – “free” public education). It seems so contradictory when Christian parents cry about what Caesar says they must do and allow when they have already, up front in the educational process, agreed to let Caesar be the parent in their place.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that government educated children grow up to be socialists and promote even communistic ideas as something that is good rather than what these ideas actually are, anti-Christ. Universal Basic Income, just like “free” public education, is the State usurping the kingship of Christ and declaring the citizens and children as constituencies of the State rather than acknowledging the authority of Christ (Matthew 28:18) and His jurisdiction even over Caesar (Psalm 2:10-12). Socialism places man, and ultimately the State, in the place of God, therefore this makes socialism an entirely humanistic, God-denying, God-usurping belief whether it is a government seeking to provide Universal Basic Income or “Free” Public Education through a vote authorizing use of the “barrel of a gun” to take away what rightfully belongs to others.