Banning Skirts in UK Elementary Schools Is Becoming Routine


The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that UK elementary schools are banning skirts in favor of what they claim are more gender-neutral options — trousers. Forty or more schools prohibit girls from wearing skirts, The Times reported Sunday.

The UK officials are in the process of drafting new versions of their 2004 Gender Recognition Act, so the rules are really clear and better protect transgenders.

Binary genders encompass only .4 percent of the UK population and the majority has to adapt to them.

The Sun reported: They said skirts were considered “undignified and embarrassing” for staff and visitors if girls sat on the floor for assembly and in drama classes. In Bradford, multiple schools with a high proportion of Muslim pupils prohibit skirts on modesty grounds.


Some schools are “trousers only”.

One parent said they’re “crackers”. “I feel strongly that parents should have been consulted and given a valid explanation.

“It’s good to give girls the option of wearing a skirt or trousers, but I don’t understand the need for a total ban. I think it’s crackers.”

The U.K.’s Labour Party LGBT+ adviser, transgender model Munroe Bergdorf, said in March that children as young as eight years old should be able to choose their gender. The loon wants them to begin transitioning so they can embrace their true selves. “The government needs to be putting more money behind services to benefit transgender kids and gender non-conforming children,” Bergdorf said according to the Daily Mail.

That’s crazy. It’s way too young.

“If you are putting barriers in people’s way you are forcing people not to be themselves,” Munroe also told The Times UK.

That goes for males and females Munroe! But not in this Progressive world of nutjobs. This is what the Progressives aka leftists want for all of us. They don’t believe in science, especially Biology.

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herbert richmond
herbert richmond
5 years ago

100% Lunacy, these zealots are attempting to abolish God’s natural laws and literally remake humans in their own vision.

5 years ago

You are so right herbert richmond but even the scientists say we are born with either female or male chromosomes and no matter what you do to change your sex you will always be what you were born. The UK has become a disaster and many call it Britistan.