Banning Trans Fats Is Just More Dietary Manipulation by the Nanny State


We might be seeing the beginnings of dietary manipulation by the nanny state. From Michelle Obama’s school lunches to the banning of salt in New York City restaurants, the food police are out in force.

Our bureaucracy just banned foods with trans fats. Warning labels are already imprinted on the packaging but that’s not good enough.

Some food might not be as tasty as a result of this ban and this could be ominous for the future of salt and sugar – both are on the totalitarians’ hit list.

The FDA banned the use of most trans fats over the next three years but is allowing it in small quantities. They say it’s linked to higher body weight, heart disease and memory loss.

The bureaucrats and the parrot media say there has been a significant decrease in the amount of trans fats in American foods but if you check the labels on food, you’ll see that it’s still in a lot of foods, according to Mark Levin who made note of that on his show this evening.

In 2013 the FDA agreed with the government overseers that trans fats were not safe.

frozen pizza

Some frozen foods can’t exist without trans fats and some jobs will be lost according to Levin.


Some of the foods that include trans fats, according to US News & World Report, are frozen pizza, donuts, canned frosting, margarine, cinnamon rolls, Betty Crocker pie crust mix, Pop Secret Popcorn with Butter, Berger Cookie, and the list goes on. One has to wonder how many companies will fold.
Better Crocker

The lawyers are already out suing and preparing their class actions suits which are meant to line their pockets and not help anyone. Class action suits are notorious for big payouts to law firms and small, sometimes negligible amounts to the plaintiffs. Anyone who has died of a heart attack in the last ten years will be able to sue the poor trans fats manufacturers.

There is no logical reason to sue companies over the use of trans fats but that won’t matter.

Mark Levin has his own theory about why this is being done which you can hear on the audio.

Once these totalitarians can ban foods based on studies they commission, there is no food that is outside their control.

They really dislike sugar and salt and have already talked of banning both in New York and in other liberal states.

In New York, large sugary drinks are under scrutiny and the lawsuits to ban it continue.

A study out of the University of California (another bastion of totalitarianism), School of Medicine, demonized sugar and blamed it for hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and many cancers. You name the disease, sugar is the cause according to him. The author who penned the study is Dr. Robert Lustig.

He described sugar as toxic and a poison which is worse than alcohol. He wants it taxed and regulated out of existence.

Sounds hyperbolic and most anything eaten in excess could fit that description.

Dietary manipulation is a goal of the nanny state. They frequently talk about getting red meat out of our diets to reduce the carbon footprint. The minuscule difference it would make wouldn’t even register in any meaningful mathematical way.

Salt, junk food, anything tasty will be on the list for demolition by the nanny state at some point and they will order the studies to back up their demands.

The nanny state that controls your diet wants to pay out less for your medical needs which they also want to control and currently do thanks to Obamacare and the universal health care waiting in the winds.

The same people who want to legalize drugs and get our chickens from China are all high and mighty about our  trans fat, sugar and salt intake.

Where will it end?


  1. This will also make it harder for mom and pop restaurants to compete. You almost have to prepare foods in a chemistry lab to have zero trans fats.

    There may be some truth to the mantra that “America is eating too much fat”, but to eliminate fats totally is just as unhealthy. The same with the “sugar is poison” mantra. Humans have to have at least 65 grams of sugar a day for proper brain function, but too much sugar and it acts as a sedative. Everything in moderation.

    I say let the consumer decide, along with their doctor, which foods are healthy and how much is healthy.

  2. Thanks to the Feds listening to nutrition expert Meryl Streep’s warning about the deadly poison Alar, we were saved because they moved quickly to ban it. Took them years to finally admit Alar was harmless. This is what passes for science in the Wonderland of bureaucracy.

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