Barack Obama Brags About One of His Biggest Foreign Policy Failures



Barack Obama bragged about his illegal war in Libya while in Hannover Germany, saying it was the right thing to do. He put off blame on the UN as much as possible.

“With respect to Libya, I want to be very clear, I continue to believe that it was the right thing to do for us to intervene as part of a U.N. Mandated international coalition to prevent some of the potentially murderous behavior that Gadhafi was talking about.

Gaddafi was bloviating about killing al Qaeda terrorists in Benghazi and made no move to do so.

Mr. Obama had no option but to admit there was no plan for after the bombing of the country. They just went in to destroy it and then leave.

I do believe that it was important for us to properly plan, prepare, and resource what came next. And I think it was possible for us to do that effectively, I think that we didn’t do it as effectively as we should have.

Earlier this month, the UN put a puppet government in place but it was rejected, according to al Jazeera. There is now a so-called unity government with the UN-backed puppets and various factions but ISIS is also trying to forge an alliance with them .

The factions in this divided government continue to war against each other.

The memo obviously didn’t get to Barack because he said he wants to “encourage” the “functioning” Libyan “government and national court”.

That does not negate the importance of us all now investing in making sure that there is a functioning Libyan government. The fact that we now have a government and national court, fragile as it is, requires us to do everything we can to encourage it. And this is a conversation I have had throughout my meetings during this trip, whether in London or now here.”

His comments are outrageous. Libya is not even a failed state, it’s a destroyed state. He took them, along with Hillary who masterminded the war, from a somewhat productive nation to a haven for terrorists, only a few hundred miles from Europe.

Gaddafi, despicable as he was, was not a threat to us and was helping to fight factions of al Qaeda which later became ISIS.

He and Hillary did it for Europe’s oil because Gaddafi was waving the contracts he held as threats.

Obama’s comments are an effort to rewrite history, undoubtedly for his legacy and for Hillary’s future.

These two operators, Hillary and Obama, also did nothing to secure Gaddafi’s arsenal after the fall and many ended up in the hands of jihadists.

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