Barack Obama Celebrated U.S. Independence Chatting Up Global Socialism in Indonesia


Obama visited Indonesia this weekend, and in several appearances, attacked the U.S.’s and other nations’ love of country as well as the policies of Donald Trump.

The globalist Obama spent formative years in Indonesia and many more on a liberal island paradise. His family were communists and his mentor was a radical communist.He’s not your typical American. He is a socialist who understands the U.S. as much as any socialist Indonesian would. He doesn’t understand sovereignty or nationalism. It’s all evil to him.

He’s still on the apology tour

On Saturday, Obama complained about what he sees as an “an aggressive kind of nationalism” and “increased resentment of minority groups”.

He’s obviously commenting on the U.S. as well as other nation’s who respect sovereignty, culture, a way of lie. Exploiting minorities to make his point is a pattern with him. There is no resentment of minorities.

“It’s been clear for a while that the world is at a crossroads. At an inflection point,” Obama said.

The former president warned against isolationism, which to him is sovereignty.

Leftists, we are not talking liberals here, leftists have brought hyperbole to new heights.

Tolerance has nothing to do with sovereignty

“If we don’t stand up for tolerance and moderation and respect for others, if we begin to doubt ourselves and all that we have accomplished, then much of the progress that we have made will not continue,” he said.

“What we will see is more and more people arguing against democracy, we will see more and more people who are looking to restrict freedom of the press, and we’ll see more intolerance, more tribal divisions, more ethnic divisions, and religious divisions and more violence,” Obama asserted.

Obama is the one who tried to put journalists in jail and who prosecuted more journalists than all the past presidents combined.

Obama used the opportunity this weekend to not only diminish the U.S., but also to bash Trump without mentioning his name, suggesting Trump is a racist in addition to being an isolationist.

Obama condemned our pulling out of the climate accord

The accord would have destroyed the U.S. economy. We got nothing from that. It was a mechanism by which our wealth would be redistributed to the world.

On Saturday the collectivist Obama said, “In Paris, we came together around the most ambitious agreement in history to fight climate change.” It was “an agreement that even with the temporary absence of American leadership will still give our children a fighting chance.”

The fact that it would have an imperceptible effect on climate but damage our economy is something he routinely leaves out of his climate speeches.

“The challenges of our times, whether it’s economic inequality, changing climate, terrorism, mass migration; these are really challenges and we’re going to have to confront them together,” he said.

Why is Obama traveling the world, sometimes trolling Trump, acting as if he were still the world leader?

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