Barack Obama Interferes in the French Election, Cuts an Ad for Weirdo Leftist Macron


Russia is not allowed to interfere in our elections but Obama is allowed to interfere in everyone else’s elections., but that doesn’t mean it will help the Socialists he supports.

When Barack Obama interfered in the Israeli election, his nemesis Bibi Netanyahu won and when he told the citizens of Britain to stay in the EU, they rushed to vote for Brexit. This could be a winner for Marine LePen.

Only last year, we found out that he was spying on them with his International spy ring.

Macron is being called a “centrist” though he was a longtime member of the Socialist Party. Macron worked closely with Socialist Francois Hollande as one of his ministers. He left the Socialist Party in 2009 to make himself palatable as a centrist. He has his own movement called “En Marche”, “Forward” or “Onwards” — a typical Marxist slogan. He has some convenient right-wing views such as calling for an increase in defense spending and welcoming business.

Nile Gardiner called Macron a “limousine liberal” and a “champagne Socialist” who “represents business as usual”.

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