Barack Obama is covertly guiding the selection of the Democrat presidential candidate


Barack Obama has a secret role as kingmaker and is to some degree directing the Democrat primary. He won’t allow at least one candidate to become the Democrat candidate for president — Bernie Sanders.

The Daily Wire said he considers himself the “lifeguard” of the Democrat Party.

Obama has concerns about several of the candidates.

It appears that the former president told advisers that he doesn’t believe Biden has the wherewithal to serve in the nation’s highest office.

HuffPo‘s Ryan Lizza wrote about Barack Obama’s mostly covert involvement in the 2020 selection process.

He said Obama will step in and even “raise his voice” if necessary to keep the party from nominating Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).”

The former president doesn’t want an open socialist as the candidate.

Politico’s Ryan Lizza, who spoke to several of Obama’s advisers, wrote that the former president sees his role in the Democratic primary process as “providing guardrails” to make sure it doesn’t get “too ugly” and “to unite the party when the nominee is clear,” HuffPo reported.

As far as supporting all the Democrat candidates, his one exception was crazy Bernie.

According to Huff Po, another close Obama friend reportedly told Lizza that “Bernie’s not a Democrat.” (Sanders serves as an independent in the Senate, but caucuses with Democrats.)

Publicly, Obama said he would support any of the Democrat candidates, but that’s not what he is saying in private.

For example, Obama’s relationship with Elizabeth Warren is complicated. Obama has allegedly said privately that if Democrats rallied around her as their nominee it would be a repudiation of him—a clear sign that his economic decisions after the Great Recession had been seen as inadequate.

“Obama was deeply skeptical about the prospects of Mayor Pete Buttigieg,” said one of Obama’s “closest advisers,” as Breitbart notes.

About Sen. Kamala Harris (Cali.), “They discussed doubts about Kamala Harris’ appeal to African Americans.”

Obama adviser David Axelrod isn’t pleased that Michael Bloomberg entered the race and said, “I mean is Michael Bloomberg really the default candidate for non-college educated white voters?”

Obama’s choice could be someone new, like his wife. Lizza didn’t say that. That’s our conjecture. It’s not one we would want to see at the Sentinel.

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2 years ago

Obama the anti-Midas.
Everything he touches turns to crap.

2 years ago

If you are a democrat, you are either an open socialist or a liar!

Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
2 years ago

I always thought that the ghost writer has a big influence on him.

2 years ago

Die already Hussein.