Barack Obama Now Controls the Court of Appeals and the Republic


Barack Obama, who believes in legislating from the White House, also believes in legislating from the bench as long as the judges are as far-left as is he is or worse. Radical leftists now control the judiciary and consequently, the power is in the hands of the Executive. They will no longer rule in a non-partisan manner, they will write and alter legislation, though the New York Times would have us believe otherwise.

This will also affect elections throughout the country. Regulations and legislation are now in the hands of this Executive.


The New York Times wrote this today: “Democrats have reversed the partisan imbalance on the federal appeals courts that long favored conservatives, a little-noticed shift with far-reaching consequences for the law and President Obama’s legacy.”

The conservatives or moderates had no control over most courts and the New York Times comment is factually untrue.

The opposite is in fact now true. The appellate is under the control of leftists and ACLU types. They own the Court of Appeals. Why even bother with the Court. We will know the decision before it’s heard.

Moderates in either party will not have a voice.

As he has done by ignoring Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States, Obama is eliminating voices not his own. He is erasing the Separation of Powers and our Constitution. He is obliterating states rights.The judicial branch has long been on the agenda.

This is part of Mr. Obama’s fundamental transformation. We are becoming a dictatorship.

Obama and his Democrats in Congress were able to load the bench with far-left judges by changing the rules of the senate [the nuclear option] and giving Republicans no voice.

Radical leftists in the Democratic party are realizing their dream of limitless executive power. Every initiative by Obama will be approved by the courts.

An overly powerful Executive can operate lawlessly, without restraint. The purpose of Congress, the Supreme Court, the judicial branch and states’ rights is to provide checks and balances.

The Senate gave Mr. Obama almost limitless power to appoint anyone he wants to the courts when they invoked the nuclear option and assigned that power to him with only 51 senate votes instead of 60. They appointed judges for jobs that didn’t even exist so they could stuff the courts with leftists.

They employed the nuclear option only for judicial nominees so far but they will likely use it for Supreme Court justice nominees and for legislation at a future date. There is nothing to stop them unless Republicans take the senate in November. If they don’t, it’s over.

The Obama Democrats in the Senate are using the nuclear option to fill the courts with leftists – Progressives.

The nuclear option turned over 225 years of precedent and gave free rein to President Obama to fulfill his promise of November 6th of last year to take over the federal courts, a plan obviously in the making for a while.

It allows the Senate to appoint judges with only 51 votes. They can decide to expand the option to include Supreme Court nominations and legislation.

In addition, Obama will get to regulate business and individual rights into oblivion. The regulatory process is reviewed by the DC Court of Appeals and he is tilting the balance far-left. Mr. Obama is using the regulatory process to force through his statist government.

Mr. Obama addressed the DSCC in Dallas, Texas on November 6th and in his comments he made this stunning pronouncement – he is remaking the courts.

He began his address by blaming Congress for his need to assume dictatorial rule: “And I was talking to Michael as we were flying over here about the frustrations and challenges that we’ve experienced in Congress.”

He then said: “As Lisa mentioned, we are remaking the courts.  I know that we’ve got some lawyers here, and here in Texas sometimes people feel a little frustrated about the pace of appointments here in Texas.  But you should know that in addition to the Supreme Court, we’ve been able to nominate and confirm judges of extraordinary quality all across the country on federal benches. We’re actually, when it comes to the district court, matching the pace of previous Presidents.  When it comes to the appellate court, we’re just a little bit behind, and we’re just going to keep on focused on it.”

The fact that he said this in Texas should be most alarming to people. There is a Democratic plan to turn Texas blue.

Check out the mind-numbing hypocrisy when Republicans considered employing the nuclear option:

The Republicans didn’t do it.

The nuclear option can and will be used again on Supreme Court nominations and legislation. This prevents the minority party from having any say as is the case in the House. This is about one party rule. It is about Big Government assuming complete control of Congress – when the Executive isn’t completely ignoring it with overreaching agencies, executive orders and rules, that is.

If Mr. Obama has complete authority over Supreme Court appointments, Kagan and Sotomayor will look like conservatives. He will pick nominees worthy of a Russian court.

He planned to fill up the federal courts with far-left judges and Texas has been the beneficiary of his largesse.

Obama won election races throughout the country on judicial decisions by leftists.

Because of the nuclear option, radical leftists like Goodwin Liu and Cornelia Pillard now comprise the majority of the courts.

It is Obama’s legacy and it enshrines his most unpopular decisions into permanency.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly altered Obamacare, which he himself describes as the Law of the Land. He has not once gone back to Congress, as required under the healthcare law and under our Constitution.

Thanks to the powers granted to Mr. Obama by the Senate, the shaping of the IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board for Medicare, is now, solely the province of the king, I mean the president.

IPAB will determine what healthcare seniors receive and IPAB will ration care.

Obama, with his new powers, can put the most radical people on the board. He can put eugenicists on if he chooses. He can put an Ezekiel Emanuel on the board. Ezekiel, if you remember, wants most care directed at people ages 15 to 40 years because of their usefulness to society. There are no moral guidelines for Ezekiel, there are age guidelines.

The IPAB, or the Death Panel, will be comprised of 15 political appointees who will decide the payments to be made to doctors and hospitals for Medicare patients.

Democrats wrote into the Obamacare law that 60 votes was a critical threshold in the Senate but now they are dispensing it.

IPAB is completely unaccountable.


There will be no courts to stop any of this.

Right now, the judicial branch – two judges – is holding Obama’s feet to the fire on the IRS and it is the only reason we are getting any information on the IRS scandal. That will soon end. Scandals such as this one, Benghazi, the AP scandal, Rosen and Risen scandals, et al will not be addressed by anyone because the administration will not release any information and the judiciary won’t make him.

The fundamental transformation is almost complete. When people say Obama is ineffective, they should rephrase that. He is ineffective in running the country as a Republic but he’s doing a bang-up job running it as a socialist state or worse.



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