Barack Obama, ODNI Hid Bin Laden Documents to Mislead the Country


The administration has released 470,000 files from the Bin Laden raid kept hidden by the Obama administration. Stephen Hayes, in an article at The Weekly Standard, explains why he hid them.

Osama bin Laden on left, Ayman al-Zawahiri, his Lieutenant

The Abbottabad Documents as they were known were kept from the public and even left untranslated because they didn’t fit the political narrative and that is all that mattered. It mattered beyond truth, beyond fighting terrorism and only winning office and furthering the agenda mattered.

Barack Obama and his minions literally ignored the best interests of the United States in defense and nationals security without hesitation for the cause.

National Security Advisor at the time Tom Donilon described the haul as enough to fill a “small college library” It was “the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever,” he said. While making these comments, they only released 571 documents.

Why did this happen?

The self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in history” had spent more than five years misleading the American people about the threat from al Qaeda and its offshoots and had paid very little price for having done so. Republicans volubly disputed the president’s more laughable claims—the attack on the Benghazi compound was just a protest gone bad, al Qaeda was on the run, ISIS was the terrorist junior varsity—but the establishment media, certain that Obama’s predecessor had consistently exaggerated the threat, showed little interest in challenging Obama or the intelligence agencies that often supported his spurious case.

People weren’t very interested in them at the time and questions about releasing them were swatted away with absurd claims of them being boring, just terrorist trash.

In the Spring of 2012, Obama had some of the documents e reviewed by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point for analysis. The administration held back documents showing the close ties between the Taliban and al-Qaida because it would “complicate Obama administration efforts to launch negotiations with the Taliban.”

The hand-selected documents led the counterterrorism officials to the wrong conclusions, Al Qaeda was alternately “on the run” or “decimated” or “on the path to defeat.”

“Thanks to the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, the war in Iraq is over. The war in Afghanistan is winding down. Al Qaeda has been decimated. Osama bin Laden is dead,” Obama said in Green Bay, Wis., on November 1, five days before his reelection.

Even the deadly attack two months earlier in Benghazi, conducted by jihadist groups with extensive ties to al Qaeda, didn’t cause Obama to recalibrate his narrative. The president would tout the imminent demise of al Qaeda more than two dozen times between those attacks and Election Day.

The narrative being uppermost: some of the documents were never translated. Relevant intelligence agencies engaged in a protracted fight about who could have access to the information. The Defense Intelligence Agency was repeatedly denied full access by the CIA, which had “executive authority” over the collection and which was run throughout much of the bureaucratic infighting by John Brennan, an Obama crony who had predicted in April 2012 that al Qaeda would meet its demise by the end of the decade.

The U.S. intelligence community never conducted a full-scale review of its own intelligence collection on al Qaeda using the Abbottabad documents. They didn’t want to review their work or revisit their conclusions.

Obama’s theme to win re-election was Al Qaeda was alternately “on the run” or “decimated” or “on the path to defeat.” It was a lie he created and his minions promulgated.

He corrupted agencies and people in his cause.

After Obama’s reelection, the administration repeatedly shut down requests from Republican lawmakers, led by Rep. Devin Nunes, for access to the documents. Then the 2014 Intelligence Authorization Act turned those requests into a demand backed by law. That’s the only reason the 571 documents were released.

Timothy Barrett, chief of media relations at ODNI, claimed the release of the 571 documents “closed the book” on the bin Laden files.

Upon queries, He allowed, in an email, that there were in fact “a lot more than a few hundred” documents but claimed that the discrepancy could be explained by duplicates and over-counting. The front page of a newspaper would count as one file, the inside cover as a second page, and so forth, he said.

“We have released the majority of the pertinent files,” Barrett claimed of the 571 documents made public by ODNI. This, too, was false.

Yes, there were “a lot more than a few hundred” documents. There were 470,000 more.

It didn’t end there. ODNI complicity in the lies continued.

It wasn’t until November 1 when CIA director Mike Pompeo announced the release of the 470,000 documents that we would discover the truth about Obama’s lies and those of his administration.

The narrative on Iran also had to go forward but the documents exposed the fact that Iran was providing a “core pipeline” of support that included safe haven for al Qaeda members and the facilitation of travel and the flow of money and weapons. That wouldn’t be good information as deals with Iran and the Western World moved forward.

As the materials are reviewed, they disproved the Obama narratives. The ODNI, to support Obama’s tale, actively sought and succeeded in misleading the country.

There is much more evidence in the article you should consider reading but the glaring truth is the administration and his minions lied to America about terror and national security so Obama could align himself with the worst sponsor of terror – Iran – and also claim that his predecessor botched the war on terror but he ended the wars and brought it all to a favorable close.

This great reveal wasn’t supposed to happen, Hillary was going to win the presidency. The lies would have continued.

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