Barack Obama Promoted Universal Basic Income in South Africa


Barack Obama was in South Africa this past week at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Johannesburg. He unapologetically promoted Universal Basic Income [UBI] and that’s communism. He’s pushing it in a country where white farmers are being murdered by Communists for being white.

Democrats applauded his comments. That makes them Communists.

Barack Obama already saddled us with the far-left system of healthcare which has been an expensive and failed experiment. Now he wants to finish us off by redistributing the wealth to anyone who doesn’t produce from those who do produce. Listen to what he said:

“We’re going to have to be more imaginative and the pace of change is going to require us to do a more fundamental reimagining of our social and political arrangements to protect the economic security and dignity that comes with a job,” Obama said.

Obama used his flowery language to put lipstick on this pig.

“It’s not just money that a job provides. It provides dignity and structure and a sense of place and a sense of purpose,” Obama said. “So we’re going to have to consider new ways of thinking about these problems, like a universal income, review of our workweek, how we retrain our young people, how we make everybody an entrepreneur at some level.”

That’s right, teach Americans how to not sustain themselves and rely on the State that takes our money and redistributes it. Yes, that’s communism.


Bloomberg thinks it could work if Jeff Bezos at Amazon worked on it with Obama by hitting up the rich [because that worked so well under 8 stagnant years of Obama]. It never ends up that way. The middle class ends up disappearing. They always run out of other peoples’ money.

The Bloomberg article quoted from the Greek former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, an angry Communist [is there any other type of Communist?]:

A common myth, promoted by the rich, is that wealth is produced individually before it is collectivized by the state, through taxation. In fact, wealth was always produced collectively and privatized by those with the power to do it: the propertied class. Farmland and seeds, pre-modern forms of capital, were collectively developed through generations of peasant endeavor that landlords appropriated by stealth. Today, every smartphone comprises components developed by some government grant, or through the commons of pooled ideas, for which no dividends have ever been paid to society.

Varoufakis, the failed minister, is trying to clearly make the case for communism [collectivism] without evidence.

The collectivists claim automation will take away jobs and UBI could take its place. There is no proof new jobs won’t come out of automation. Advances throughout history have resulted in new types of jobs.

CNBC falsely claims the majority of Americans support UBI, but Americans won’t if they understand that it is communism.

The New York Times supports it and wants UBI expanded in places it has failed.


UBI has to fail. It redefines the relationship between government and the individual, making the individual reliant on the State. It takes away incentive, individuality, and self-reliance, putting people on the State plantations. People become enslaved to the State.

Watch video via Washington Free Beacon:


  1. What happened to sane liberals? Used to be you got older and you inclined toward liberal ideas because your race was almost over and you wanted to spare youth the hard lessons in life. The only way socialism can work at any level is communism which enslaved people. Let’s look at unintended consequences:
    Minimum wage. Those making slightly more after years of working hard get nothing when the bottom is raised except feel good feelings for others, truth is they feel cheated, we all should. Why? That cost is not absorbed (we will get to this) it is passed onto the consumer. Goods cost more, labor than s cut so more unemployment and the cost of living goes up for everyone, you loose purchasing power. It is pure gimmick and has the exact opposite effect than what you as intended. Free healthcare. Healthcare in general is a racket most people rarely engage health providers if they are nominally fit and don’t engage in risky behavior. Most people should pay only occasionally when needed for care except catastrophic care and that is when insurance should kick in. Requiring all to pay for all punishes the healthy and provides mediocre care for those in need. Why mediocre, because the market is closed, no need to improve, no reward for excellence and overloaded workers produce poor results. Free tuition: Not everyone should go to college it is not as beneficial as claimed note how many graduates remain un or under employed. Some don’t want to do the jobs Universities are supposed to educate for they prefer other means to contribute and provide. Higher education was sold as a must by those in acedamia to enrich themselves while they no longer provide a good education but substitute social justice time for time better spent on a major study. It’s still 4 years but now 1 year is filled with garbage classes while students pay higher and higher tuition. Why does it go up because all of the peripheral add ons unrelated to education. First K-12 was ruined now the Universites also produce substandard products nobody wants. Global business wants global work force. How about Obama’s latest scheme called basic income? Why work, why not stay at home get just what you need to survive and enjoy life like it should be? Go to beach resorts… no there won’t be any because nobody works and nobody is rewarded for working harder so nobody pays for nice things to be made anymore. Basic income is minimum wage on steroids given not only to people who work but to all do nothings laughing at fools who continue to toil away. Here is the bottom line, this can only work with communism where the state forcfully forbids passing the cost along. It still has to be paid though even communists know there is no free lunch. They take your money, your processions. They start with a modest punishment for all for the greater good then move on to take from the wealthy not in the cabal. Oh yes it is a cabal there is a pyramid and those at the top live off the lives of all below. Clinton’s Bush’s and Obama’s want to be at the top of the pyramid. They destroy everything and don’t care because they move on having stolen all the wealth of a nation oh excuse me the world since they want global communism. Where will they go after it’s all destroyed? Nowhere, the population will have been exterminated by then leaving them all the resources but you bet they will create a new slave class to do the labor to create their new utopia.

  2. Finland tried this UBI experiment and has now ended it having found it to be a failure – and if it doesn’t work in the relatively homogenous and wealthy nation of Finland then I give it zero chance of working elsewhere – it just another piece of communism disguised as social justice.

  3. OBAMA is CODE for……….O-ne B-ig A-ss M-mistake A-america…..wake the hell up America!!!!!!!!!! no more clowns like Obama in office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A great study into ‘Collectivism’ by Paul Leroy-Beaulieu is worth reading by those who value freedom. “Collectivism consists in the state ownership of all means of production without exception, in the substitution of state for private organisation, in the substitution for private organisation of labor, and in the distribution of the products by the state to workmen in proportion to the quantity and the value of their labor.” Question, ‘If the establishment of collectivism would entail the destruction of liberty, it must be regarded as the mortal foe of civilization and of all intellectual and material well-being.’

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