Barack Obama Pushes Communism in Italy to a Receptive EU Crowd


The Sentinel posted two articles about former president Obama’s speech in Italy last week during which he exposed his statist goals for the world. Obama openly espoused, what the Sentinel originally characterized as socialism but what Conservative Treehouse describes as communism.

In any case, people should be very concerned about this speech because the forces behind Barack Obama are powerful and some of these leftists are embedded in our government.

The speech in question took place in Milan at the food security conference organized by “Seeds and Chips”. Obama received a reported $2.7 million for his attendance.

The following comes from Conservative Treehouse.

As the former president discussed the need for replacing human labor in farming and agriculture, Conservative Treehouse author Sundance wrote that he segued into this: what Obama said about labor distribution amid new and emerging economies is stunning. Perhaps even more stunning is the reaction from the European audience.” (video prompted 44:36)

The transcript:

This is a much bigger concern in the economy as a whole.  And my guess is that ultimately what is going to happen is that everybody is going to have to work less and we’re going to have to spread work more.

But that is going to require a reorganization of the social compact.  That requires we change our mindset about the link between work, income and value of people in the teaching profession, or in healthcare, or in certain things that cannot be done by AI or a robot.

[…]  How do we prepare for that? And how do we start creating, or at least having a conversation within our society about making sure that work and opportunities are spread; and that everybody has the chance to live a good and fulfilling life?

Rather than having a few people who are working 80 to 90 hours a week and making enormous incomes; and then a large portion of redundant workers that increasingly have difficult time supporting families.  That’s not a sustainable mechanism for democracy and a healthy society. (end 46:40 of video)

The Sentinel is revising its former statements about the speech being socialist, of course this is communism. Obama is a social engineer who wants to “reorganize the social compact” and redistribute the work and share the wealth. Of course, there would be elites like him at the top overseeing all this.

What do you think?

It didn’t stop there.

At 50:10, he promotes the idea that government must be trusted to go into your accounts to protect your security. Government is the entity that must control the data of companies, according to Obama.

The question he posed is, who owns the data?

He then makes the case that government must “create structures” to allow people to freely give up there data to the government. He’s talking about manipulating people.

Obama is the same person who greatly loosened up our intelligence agency rules regarding the sharing of secret information on Americans.

When Obama talks of democracy, he is talking of socialism or communism. The United States is a constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

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