Barack Obama Tells Victims of Terror Attack It was Because of a Mass Shooting


obama34Barack Obama is sick. He lies and twists reality — and those who hates guns as he does — readily accept his bizarre thought processes. Saturday was no different. He told the families of victims and victims of the terror attack in San Bernardino that “We can’t accept the notion of mass shootings.”

He didn’t say we can’t accept terror attacks by radical Islamists which would have actually made sense.

“As difficult as this time is for them and for the entire community, they’re also representative of the strength and the unity and the love that exists in this community and in this country … As we go into the holiday season, even as we are vigilant about preventing terrorist attacks from happening, even as we insist we can’t accept the notion of mass shootings in public places, in places of work and worship, we have to remind ourselves of the overwhelming good that exists out there.”

This is infuriating! It was a damn terrorist attack by theocratic maniacs but he won’t say it.

It didn’t end there. Read this exchange.

ROBERTA RAMPTON: “Mr. President, you’re going to California today and as you said earlier this week, you told the nation that there’s no specific or credible threat of a similar attack, but how is it really possible to know? I mean, aren’t similar plots going to be just as hard to detect beforehand? And some lawmakers are saying that your government should review the social media of all people applying for visas to come to this country. What do you think of that idea? Should that be mandatory?”

He minimized the terrorism and played up the irrelevant – their choice of weapon.

BARACK OBAMA: “Well, Roberta, you’re absolutely right that it’s very difficult for us to detect lone wolf plots or plots involving a husband and wife in this case, because despite the incredible vigilance and professionalism of all our law enforcement, homeland security, etc., it’s not that different from us trying to detect the next mass shooter. You don’t always see it, they are not always communicating publicly and if you are not catching what they are saying publicly, then it becomes a challenge.”

The left believes the only reason for a gun is for those horrible sportsmen and we don’t need guns. They willingly go along with this nonsense and don’t give a hoot about the constitution.



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