Barack Obama told brazen lies to Brazilians about his favorite target


Barack Obama lied through his teeth during his speech in Sao Paula, Brazil on Wednesday. He told the adoring crowd that “Anybody can buy any weapon any time — without much, if any, regulation. They can buy it over the Internet, they can buy machine guns.

Obama knows it’s illegal to buy or own a machine gun and he knows not everyone can buy a gun.

His gun speech is about disarming the populace. Obama only wants elites to have guns. The rest of us serfs can’t have any means of self-defense.

What makes this all the more ironic is the fact that he also talked about how ethical he is.


The deceitful former president told an audience in Brazil that his two-term White House administration showed power does not necessarily have to corrupt those who wield it, alluding to Lord Acton’s famous quote: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Nobody was jailed. We made mistakes. We were not perfect. But we maintained integrity and we were able to show that it is possible to achieve great power without corruption,” Obama said of his own administration, reported the Brazilian edition of El Pais.

Obama was a media creation and they protected him when he lied, cheated, and pushed Marxism. His administration was corrupt. Here are a few memorable scandals:

  • His FBI, DOJ, IRS and State Department appeared very corrupt. Several agents were fired by the FBI for bad behavior.
  • He let people die in Benghazi and then lied to everyone, claiming it was about a film,
  • he shared confidential information with Hillary over her unsecured server,
  • his administration was responsible for selling guns to cartels,
  • he opened up the borders,
  • the Supreme Court tossed his unconstitutional decisions nine times,
  • he lied about keeping doctors under Obamacare, and he lied about the costs,
  • he had a staff of tax cheats,
  • his IRS targeted conservatives and he lied about it,
  • he abused his power, and he is likely behind the unmasking and spying of his administration on the opponents’ campaign.

He received $600,000 for his speech in Colombia this week and most think it was a payoff for signing the trade measure.

Obama is a typical Marxist elitist, who is making a fortune after pushing his socialist policies as president and after he left the presidency.

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Gesse Gonçalves
Gesse Gonçalves
4 years ago

Obama is full of shit

Randy Wood
Randy Wood
4 years ago

For a nation where anybody can own a machine gun, there haven’t been any instances where one was used to commit a crime in the news since…. maybe Bonnie and Clyde? I wish I could make $600k a day for making up fanciful tales and mesmerizing adoring crowds of people who know nothing of which I lie.

I would write more, but I have to run out and pick up my new machine gun.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
4 years ago

Obama should know about illegal AUTOMATIC RIFLES as he supplied THOUSANDS OF AR-15 AUTOMATIC RIFLES TO HIS FELLOW THUGS VIA THE DRUG CARTELS WHOM HE ENDORSES IN THEIR FLODDING OF OUR BORDER. Obama is a foreign born person who was groomed as an enemy agent to turn this country into a COMMUNIST country led by MUSLIMS.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
4 years ago

Bump stocks that turn certain rifles into pretty much an automatic rifle were approved while Obama was in power ; Obama you built that !