Barack Obama’s ‘Begging Iran for a Deal’ Foreign Policy


Is Barack Obama refusing to act in the war against ISIS to keep Iran on his side in order to get a nuclear deal, albeit a bad one?

Some believe that is the case.

A top Iranian official, Mohammed Reza Naghdi (pictured below) said, the “Americans are begging us for a deal.” That knowledge, of course, puts Iran in the driver’s seat but that appears to be okay with Barack Obama.


Barack Obama appears to be fine with the biggest sponsors of terror taking over the region as long as someone beside the U.S. does it.

General Jack Keane is one who believes it’s all about Iran.


If it is true that Barack Obama won’t act because he wants to lure Iran into a nuclear deal, even if it only benefits them, how do we explain the fact that he won’t provide arms to Nigeria as promised. He won’t arm the Kurds or the Syrians. He won’t even help the enemies of Iran.  He won’t arm anyone. In fact, he believes in destroying our arms to set a good example for others.

What does explain Barack Obama’s inaction is that he is one of the isolationist revolutionaries we saw in Ferguson and on Wall Street. He is a revolutionary of the same heart as Bill Ayers, the Occupiers, Code Pink, Rev. Wright, Franklin Marshall Davis, the Marxist professors, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Barack Obama once called ISIS the jayvee team but now calls it an “organization”. His summit on terrorism won’t focus on radical Islam he said. Perhaps he will discuss the Crusades or the Tea Party but he won’t focus on radical Islam.

There is a reason for that.

It’s not his cause.

Barack Obama won’t fight the war he claimed we are in and he is completely disinterested in the subject. In fact he’s lethargic and listless when the subject comes up. He will remain that way. He believes in turning the world stage over to the world, even if the world is full of communists and Islamo-Fascists.

He believes that if we don’t offend the jihadists, they will leave us alone.

Barack Obama isn’t stupid as he seems. He is not as unaware as he seems. He is playing us like a cat with a mouse to conceal the truth. The truth is he’s a snake oil salesman and he’s selling Marxism.

Barack Obama wants the U.S. to be a kindler, gentler nation that redistributes all that it has to the world’s poor.

The U.S. is evil because it consumes resources. It takes from the animals of the earth, it makes war.

It’s not rocket science.

He is not simply Neville Chamberlain.

He is an appeaser, that’s true., but he is also a narcissist who wants his legacy to be as a peacemaker.

Mostly, he is a revolutionary who plans to fundamentally transform America.

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