Barack Obama’s Close Adviser Is a Tax Cheating Crook


White House adviser Al Sharpton owes millions in unpaid taxes which is nothing new for him. Hailed as a civil rights champion by New York City mayor Sandanista Bill and Common Core Cuomo, Sharpton has been in and out of trouble with the law for most of his adult life and it is often over unpaid taxes.

He’s not guilty, however, he’s being attacked because people don’t like Obama. At least that’s what Rev. Al would like all of us to believe. The suggestion is that people don’t like Obama because he’s black.

That seems like a strange defense since the article was posted in the very-left wing New York Times.

Records reviewed by The New York Times “show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses”.

He has said he is paying the loans down but his state debt has actually grown.

He railed against the New York Times article Wednesday morning. He said the reports were “inaccurate and politically motivated.

“I think it’s political. A lot of people don’t like the fact that President Obama is the president. A lot of people don’t like the fact that Bill de Blasio won for mayor. And they certainly don’t like the fact that I’m still here, and I ain’t going nowhere … I have not owed a dime in current taxes or in National Action Network taxes since President Obama or de Blasio has been in office,” Sharpton said, pounding his hand for emphasis.

He then left the podium abruptly.

He’s proud of the fact that these crimes are several years old and he pays taxes now, except for the ones he owes of course.

“His National Action Network appears to have been sustained for years by not paying federal payroll taxes on its employees.” the Times reported.

Sharpton travels first class and collects a very large salary. He intermingles his personal finances with those of the business.

He saves money, not only be evading taxes, but by not paying his rent bill, travel agencies, hotels and so on.

Sharpton’s response to all this was: “You can say I’m not a great administrator,” he said. “You can’t say that I’m not committed.”

Committed to what? Lavish spending while evading taxes?

He called the report “misleading and totally out of context.”

He’s deliberately not paying these bills and he’s pretending it’s poor administration on his part. He is guilty of a crime but he’s copping out with a claim of ineptitude.

In 2012, Obama brought Sharpton, and other “influential progressives” to the White House to discuss the extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Sharpton as an adviser on tax cuts is like asking a bank robber if he wants a job as a bank teller.

Al owe[d] the IRS $2.6 million in income tax, and nearly $900,000 in state tax in 2011.

His personal pride and joy National Action Network owed more than $880,000 in unpaid federal payroll taxes, interest and penalties.

In 1993, he pled guilty to a misdemeanor tax crime to avoid two felony charges.

In the years since, the IRS has issued a dozen liens against Sharpton’s groups, including one against him for $538,652 in 2010.

Ironically, Sharpton is one of the rich and he doesn’t pay his taxes.

Sharpton has been to the White House a number of times and he is in regular email contact with the Iranian princess, Valerie Jarrett. So if you want to know where Obama gets his advice, just look at his psycho visitors’ list.

Sharpton was at the White House the day after the election to advise Obama and immediately went back to Ferguson. He said that Obama told him to “stay the course” which must mean he should continue the race-baiting, rabble rousing, anti-police rhetoric.

Al Sharpton spent years race-baiting, feigning moral righteousness, demonizing opponents, calling gays “faggots” and railing against jews, and for a number of those years he was a mob “associate” turned informer.

Al Sharpton, now a regular visitor to the White House as an advisor, an MSNBC TV host who attacks others for alleged crimes and hypocrisy, was once caught in a drug deal and was forced to turn mob informant decades ago.

His history in the Crown Heights riots and in the Tawana Brawley cases are deplorable if not criminal. Actually, they were criminal in the case of Tawana Brawley and downright evil in Crown Heights.

Sharpton is opposed to Voter ID which can only be for the purpose of perpetrating voter fraud. No other reason makes sense.

Sharpton, who is very close to Sandanista Bill de Blasio, recommended his friend and right-hand woman, Rachel Noerdlinger, to become a top City Hall aide.

Noerdlinger is a corrupt socialist with a sketchy past.

After months of damaging reports — about ethics lapses, unpaid parking tickets, a boyfriend with a serious criminal past — Rachel Noerdlinger, the chief of staff to New York City’s first lady, Chirlane McCray, took a leave of absence. Her 17-year-old son had been arrested last weekend.

I’m sorry about her son, but that’s all she deserves sympathy for.

Sharpton was once the beefy flimflam man in a track suit but now he’s the scrawny guy in $2000 suits who gets invited to the best parties on Capitol Hill, but no matter how you dress him up, he’s still the same old con man.

The hypocrisy and amorality of this administration and their advisers is something you’d usually see in Venezuela.

sharpton in a track suit


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