Barack Took Time Out From Partying to Go After St. Louis Police


Obama dancing while Ferguson burns

Obama at the Vineyard, not a care in the world.

Obama took time out from his decadent vacation for a brief press conference Thursday. He addressed the violence in Ferguson and said he is disturbed by people clashing with Missouri police. “Clashing” was a reference to the violent and criminal behavior and protests taking place over the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teen.

He said there is never a need to attack police or loot. He then went after the police for doing their job.

He drew moral equivalence between the the thugs burning and looting Ferguson and the police who are arresting trespassers.

Two reporters and a councilman were arrested for trespassing at a shuttered McDonalds, which had been vandalized by rioters.

Obama made NO mention of the fact that outsiders are coming into Ferguson to cause trouble. The vile hate group, The New Black Panther Party, is one of those groups.

Obama criticized the police for arresting people who were protesting and for arresting two reporters for doing their jobs.

After the president’s speech, Police Chief Thomas Jackson spoke indirectly about the comments made by the president. He said that the only people arrested were those who were trespassing in areas that had to be cleared. When people are told to leave, he said, they have to leave.

The Chief also said that the police are scared, they are hearing shots and they don’t know where they are coming from.

Obama, the non-transparent president, demanded that the police be transparent, but the Chief explained that the wrong people are being identified as the shooter and their lives are being threatened. The policy is to not release the shooter’s name until formally charged, he added.

Whenever the White House is asked for information about anything, they say they can’t comment because it’s an ongoing investigation, but in this case, they want the Police Chief to put all facts forward.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder are micromanaging the police in Ferguson while ignoring the many crises they should be handling.

There has been a lot of criticism about the use of military equipment and firearms. They’ve been accused of acting more like a military than a police force.

What people are seeing is SWAT, Chief Thomas explained.

AG Holder was concerned about the use of military equipment but, ironically, this administration is selling military equipment to police departments around the country.

Governor Jay Nixon, an Obama minion, was sent to Ferguson by Obama to address the violence by going after the police. Nixon took the St. Louis police off the Brown case, promising a different and more moderate tone. The Missouri Highway Patrol will direct security in Ferguson.

The commander in chief has said nothing about the murder of Major General Harold Greene, a courageous and well-liked officer, leaving it to the Defense Department and his own press secretary, Josh Earnest, to discuss it. As he was speaking about Michael Brown, the ticker on the screen announced the burial of Major General Greene. Obama will comment about Michael Brown but not Major General Greene for political reasons. Everything he does is political.

Mr. Obama wants the police to hold themselves to a high standard:



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