Barbara Streisand Whines About Not Getting an Oscar Because of Old People and Jealous Women


Over-hyped Progressive Barbra Streisand argued that sexism and old people cost her Oscar nominations for “Yentl” and “The Prince of Tides” during a spirited public interview at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday.

It wasn’t just men who kept her back.

“There were a lot of older people,” Streisand told her interlocutor Robert Rodriguez. “They don’t want to see a woman director.”

“I don’t know how many women wanted to see a woman director,” she added.

If you saw “Yentl” and ” Prince of Tides”, you probably know that they were slow moving and boring, especially. “Yentl”. I did enjoy both but Oscar-worthy? The year “Yentl” lost, Richard Attenborough received the award for “Gandhi”. “Yentl” received about one or one-and-a-half stars at the time – people didn’t like it. There was no comparison. Attenborough deserved the award.

Kevin Costner won for “Dances with Wolves” in 1991, the year “The Prince of Tides” lost. For its time, “Dances with Wolves was far superior.

It had nothing to do with age or gender – she wasn’t as good. She might win were she to direct a movie now because it’s all gotten so much more political.

This from Variety:

Streisand said that jealousy and competitiveness are partly to blame for women turning on one of their own gender.  As evidence, she claimed that female critics were harsher than their male counterparts to “Yentl.” Three decades after the drama’s release, a review by former New York Times critic Janet Maslin still seemed to rankle the recording star and filmmaker. She remained put out by Maslin’s reference to Streisand’s use of a “pillbox-contoured designer yarmulke” in the film.

Streisand’s kidding herself if she believes women are jealous of her. Women mostly want to see other women succeed but, like most people, regardless of gender, let the best man or woman win!

It wasn’t discrimination against women. If anything, Streisand has been over-glorified. Get over yourself Barbara.

The Motion Picture Academy will probably give her a lifetime achievement award now because every leftist gets an award.

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