Barron Trump Saw Bloody Beheaded Trump Photo on TV, Thought It Was His Dad


Kathy Griffin in her natural state

Update: Kathy Griffin has been fired from CNN’s New Year’s Eve show. She was terrible anyway and they had no choice. She also looks st her sponsor Squatty Potty -its in the toilet:

TMZ reports that Barron Trump was watching TV & saw holding the severed and bloody Donald Trump head. He thought it was his dad.

Trump family sources told TMZ that Barron was watching a show when the news came on and he saw the bloody, beheaded image. TMZ was told he panicked and screamed, “Mommy, Mommy!”

“He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad,” TMZ wrote.

Melania allegedly called out Kathy, saying what she did was disturbing, wrong and “makes you wonder about [her] mental health.”

Trump tweeted:  “Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick.”

The Secret Service is investigating the circumstances surrounding the shoot … which is protocol if there’s even mock violence against the President of the United States, TMZ reported.

Griffin’s Squatty Potty deal appears to be in the toilet. CNN is evaluating her role on CNN after she flashed the beheaded Trump. When you lose CNN, that’s bad. She also lost the Church of Satan. She’s been a has-been for years.

The Democrat agenda of fake stories to destroy Trump has led to this.

Do we all remember the poor rodeo clown who was banned for just wearing an Obama mask?

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