Barry Obama Damages His Own Legacy, Even Liberal Bloggers Are Angry


Barry Obama is cashing in on bailing out Wall Street and his followers on liberal blogs have noticed – they’re bashing him.

He is being paid $400,000 for a speech and a dinner with the employees of the  Wall Street firm of Cantor-Fitzgerald. Capitalism is great and normally we’d say good for him, except this was after years of him ripping Wall Street and banks.

Politicians, including Obama, are owned by their donors who take care of them once out of office.

Obama took care of Wall Street and the banks during the recession while Americans suffered, lost their homes and their jobs. He did it while spewing fake hate towards the the elite on Wall Street.

This is another one of Obama’s many lies.

The left, the ones being honest, aren’t happy about it. Obama was nothing more than an actor.

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