Bartender to Revolutionary! AOC Asks If We’re ‘Ready for the Revolution’


Are we “ready for the [communist] revolution,” asks our own little Eva Peron, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

AOC was out campaigning for another communist, Bernie Sanders. She is the de facto leader of the Democrat Party and she was a bartender and waitress two years ago.

She was at a Spanish language townhall telling the attendees that Bernie is the one.

The people she is speaking to left their hellhole countries because of communism and she wants them to vote for it again here in the United States.


“Are we ready for the revolution?”

I’m locked and loaded honey.

She has no concept of paying for things with other peoples’ money. She thinks theft is an acceptable means of funding her communist programs.

No one asked her if it was okay to fund the military and she’s not okay with it.


Shealso spoke with Telemundo and lied to all those Spanish-speaking people.

AOC sat down today with Noticias Telemundo’s Correspondent Guadalupe Venegas for an exclusive Spanish-language television interview in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Democratic Representative discussed President Trump’s impeachment and the Democratic primary race, among other issues of interest to the Latino community.

These are a few interview highlights:

“If the President thinks I am crazy…It would actually be a problem if he would agree with my ideas. He has a lot of problems: he is a racist, he is anti-immigrant and more than that… his administration is corrupt. He has a track record: he is afraid of strong women, of Latino women, he is unethical.”

“Last year I worked in a taqueria, as a waitress, and as a bartender, and now I am a Congresswoman. That is a huge change. But my values are the same. And we are saying the same thing we were saying last year: that we must fight for working families, for health insurance, for education for all children and a fair salary.”

“If we are first or second generation, it is important that we cultivate our language. I must speak and practice more to improve my own Spanish. Our language is the link with our families and our communities.”



  1. Our language is the link with our families and our communities.”
    It has been recognized for a long time that a common language unites people. It would be nice if this communist and others like her would quit trying to divide the UNTIED STATES into separate cultures. They won’t be happy until we’re the Divided States of America and that’s the ultimate goal of diversity. That is what the UN and globalists in general need to happen before the global government can effectively take over into a one world government.

  2. That ignorant commie in training has no concept of shere the money is going to come from to pay for all her bullshit freebies… just like Bernie she’s jappy to steal all your assets to fund her giveaways
    What a stulid person followed by her stupier followers

  3. She wants a revolution yet the only thing she knows how to shoot off is her over sized mouth that is misfire every time she opens it. If she wants a Spanish speaking county she can head south until she reaches Venezuela..She’ll make a grate target. She can take the Woodstock mud hen with her. Her original employer is out of business, but I’d bet there’s some sleazy bar that will hire a bar rag slop mop pole slider.
    Evict her from congress. It won’t be the first time the deadbeat has been thrown out. She’s already in debt past her bug eyed screw ball cranium.

  4. Can’t get your money if she is not in office nor Bernie so don’t vote for their communist ways. Hell yes i am ready for a revolution trouble is the dems will run to their communist country. AOC WOULD BE THE FIRST TO GO TO HELL ALONG WITH NANCEY.

  5. Trump is afraid of strong Latino women. Is she saying Latino women are too strong because Trump is white.

    Then this coconut has the lip to call Trump a racist.

    Just another racist prog projecting what they are on to everyone else. Silly little narcissist.

  6. These idiots have NO idea what a communist government really is and when they get one they will be the first ones they shoot.

  7. And many want a counter revolutionary against the revolution of these commie socialist bastards. The tree of Liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Jefferson.

  8. LMAO!! How can this scrawny little horse-faced Communist POSSIBLY believe that her Red horde of angry college kids would be able to outfight the American Patriots who have defended the USA from tyranny since the founding? Silly kid…she’s just going to get folks hurt.

  9. Well if she’s not, many US Patriots ARE!! Difference between these greenie weenie sissies and Patriots is we’re armed, willing and ready to engage. You wanna start it..fine, we’ll finish it.Overdue for liberal cleansing anyway, long overdue

    • Unfortunately we conservatives have been asleep at the wheel too long. I blame a lot of it on the smart phones. Many only can read two minutes or two lines, whichever comes first.

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