Batsh*t Crazy Pelosi Can’t Work with President Bush


Nancy Pelosi said she can’t work with President Bush but we don’t know which President Bush she means. It doesn’t really matter. Capitol Hill Democrats won’t work with any Republican so the president’s name hardly matters. Democrats are pre-programmed.

Look at the expression on Maxine Waters face when she says it. Even Maxine knows.

Listen to her say it.

The shrill moonbat was on with Chuck Todd Sunday and said she wanted to know what Putin has on Donald Trump. She wants a full investigation of nothing with no evidence — some kind of fishing expedition.

She’s using that fake story because it worked so well during the last election for them.

It’s become the new talking point. While not a fan myself of the President drawing moral equivalence between the United States and Putin, there is zero evidence Putin has anything on Trump. Buzzfeed is being sued for making up that same lie.

Trump responded on Twitter:

Shrill Moonbat Nancy Pelosi Is Seeing Russians Again


  1. The leadership having gone off the cliff have lost their minds. Nancy, Pelosi the Botox queen, dirty Maxine Waters and Greasy Chuck Schumer are fast proving themselves to be mentally unfit to serve a bowl of milk to a kitten. And they’re just a few those on the left who have become unhinged these past few months and whom my grandmother, God rest her soul, would refer to as “touched in the head.”

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