BBC Correspondent Suggests Putin Was Responsible for Terror Attack in St. Petersburg


A bomb detonated on the St. Petersburg subway yesterday that has left 10 people dead and 50 injured. Subway cars were mangled. It’s a gruesome attack. This was well-planned and it has symbolic meaning because the terrorist attacked Putin’s hometown while he was there meeting with a dignitary.

The bomb that went off was an IED with shrapnel left in a suitcase.

Unbelievably, a BBC correspondent thought the terror attack was a false flag meant as a distraction from calls to investigate Putin on corruption — because we all know it couldn’t be the obvious — an Islamist terror attack.

The Russians have declared it a terror attack and one suspect looks like an Islamist.

An alleged suspect was filmed going into the subway.

Here he is again checking his phone as he moves away from the subway.

The Russians were reported to be looking for two suspects.

A suspect has been detained. He is a 33-year-old native of the North Caucasus Federal District, and was arrested in the past for hooliganism. He shot a pistol into a moving train.

Days before the tragedy, ISIS released the poster below. The radicals believe their religion requires them to notify the enemy in advance.

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